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War of words take the upper hand in Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar..

Harshit Saxena's tactic to impress judges is not liked by the other contestants is Star Plus Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar.. Get an insight to the verbal battle between Harshit, Vineet and Rahul Vaidya right here..

Published: Thursday,May 01, 2008 13:52 PM GMT-06:00
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Harshit Saxena, the Challenger who made it to the Champion side in Star Plus’ Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar is battling it out with the contestants now for a different reason! The buzz around is that the singer is not popular among his co-participants as many feel that Harshit tries very hard to impress the judges with sweet talk rather than with singing. Impressive catchy lines like ‘I am privileged to have a chance to sing in front of you’ said by Harshit gets the judges’ upbeat, and this is exactly what Rahul Vaidya and Vineet Singh dislike in the singer!!
Rahul Vaidya, the other Challenger who made it to the Champion team does not have any problems with Harshit, but goes on to say, “He can do whatever he likes, but the only problem I have with him is that he never ever smiles! I understand there is serious competition between us, but one should also learn to enjoy. Till date, I have never seen Harshit laughing”. On the weird mannerisms that Harshit adapts, Rahul quips, “I personally feel that one needs to impress the judges with his singing talent and nothing else”.

Harshit who has secured perfect scores in both Friday and Saturday’s episodes by the judges is now seen as an 'Underdog' in the competition. However Vineet Singh feels that Harshit is very smart in choosing the songs and selects the ones in which the judges have been a part of, in one way or the other. “Also, few contestants make it a point to sing before the judges and get their comments even before they sing for the episode shoot. I have never asked the judges to listen to my songs before-hand and will never do so”, quips Vineet. On the aspect of pouring out nice comments on the judges, Vineet says, “It is very obvious that we all are honored to sing before such renowned names. What’s the point in saying this again and again?”

Well, what does Harshit Saxena have to say to all these comments targeted at him by his friends? “People know who is doing what and it is clearly visible on the show. So I do not want to comment more on this!”, says Harshit in his defense. He adds on, “As far as my fan following goes, I am the fresh face from Voice of India, so I am more popular when compared to others. This is not liked by few here, and they are spreading the word that I impress the judges by gimmicks rather than singing. For me, singing is everything and I know I should concentrate only on this and should not get distracted with whatever others say”.

Hope all the singers concentrate more on singing and prove their worth on stage, rather than with words!!

Author and Reporter: Binita Ramchandani

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randika 14 years ago harshit suck at singing hes ugly as only rahul rocks
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yipee 15 years ago this is the most immature war of words i have ever come across in a reality show
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kiti_g 15 years ago Gosh! Cant believe this!! Harshit is one of the quietest ppl around and both Rahul and Vinit are entirely opposite! This is classic case of the pot calling the kettle black!!!
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Sarah9bella 15 years ago well i don't like harshit at all
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ammmu 15 years ago What kind of sweet talk are they talking about?? Harshit is one of those people who just sings, gets his work done, and sits.. if he wants to say something then he is most welcome, he doesn't go on and on and make everything seem fake..

What Rahul said was fine to me actually, because it's something not so serious, just asking for a smile. :) Whether Harshit wants to or not is his choice, I dont have a problem with what Rahul said, but hmmm Vineet.. why does he have a problem with what Harshit says?

Let's all concentrate on singing.. there's always space for some fun and masti but no need to put others down! thanks for the article!
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avadvani 15 years ago Do the other contestants have so little faith in the judges as to think that they will be swayed by flattery and give marks. then it does not say much about the judging or the competiton. as it is the challengers are not at the mercy of the judges for elimination but the sms votes. so why the controversy and insecurity?? lack of faith in their own talent..i wonder or is it jealousy that they have not got the perfect scores like he has... makes you think doesn't it?????
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iiHEARTyu-x0 15 years ago okaayy rahul is totally right! harshit nvr smiles or laughs,who would want to be friends with someone who nvr enjoys themselves??
anddd harshit didnt even sing THAT GOOD, that he got full marks,i agree that his performance was good, but it wasnt MINDBLOWING,
and they are NOT jealous!
rahul and vineet are amazingly good singers. why would they be jealous of anyone else?? =]

hehehee this is jus my opinion :P
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punjabi.princes 15 years ago thanks for the article.

Harshit is the best!!

vineet is just plain jealous. that short shit needs to just shut up and stop being so full of it. and rahul needs to stop taking vineets side because he's risking his own chance

I use to like rahul but now he's overacting and becoming like vineet. FAKE!!
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kbc2 15 years ago I don't think what Vineet is saying is true atall. Infact Harshit has selected songs which are unheard by the judges. They hv no connection to the songs in anyway. So, I think Vineet and Rahul are ganging up which is not good. And what abt Rahul and his Mandira thing. What abt Debo. Everyone says a word or so nothing wrong
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rama3112 15 years ago I like rahul and vineet..they sing and entertain the audience well. I am very impressed with it. Harshit i saw him in voi.. didnt like him at all. No doubt he is a good singer.. but in voi.. he always had something or the other to say about his grand mom and try getting sympathy vote. Guess maybe for that reason only he didnt win that show. I think even in this one he should concentrate more on the singing part than try to impress the judges. I am just hoping that here also he doesnt get his grand mom involved.
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