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Voice Of India Contestant: Toshi - Attacked

Voice Of Inda's most popular contestant - Toshi was recently attacked in a Mumbai Suburb...

Star Voice of India contestant Toshi got injured yesterday after he was attacked by few miscreants Sunday night in Mumbai.
Toshi was at Andheri when few unidentified men hit him from back with hammer and rods. He was rushed to Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai by Sharib his brother who reached the spot just after the attack. He has severe head injuries and there was huge blood loss but after a successful operation he is now out of danger. Toshi himself has no idea about them and is unable to give any further details as they attacked him from back. Irfan another contestant from the same show is beside him constantly, informed that Toshi is feeling much better now and has been declared out of danger by the medical team.
Toshi, who got wild card entry into the contest after his early unexpected elimination, made sure to reach the top four. We wish him a quick recovery.


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mon_chow 12 years ago ok i'm gladdd i'm first to post this as i'm the original movie buff ;)
i saw the film.. goal.. pretty ok.. i loved john..
and warsi- got nothin to worry bout.. had a lengthier role than john did newayz! n of course he was good too!
toshi razia
toshi razia 12 years ago hi toshi im a great fan of urs in the uk and im a muslim too inshallah.In the uk we are a year behind of voice of india but we are still wacthin u on voice of india, u rock man im such a big fan of urs i love ur voice its so sweet,i cant explain.i jst read the article on u getin attacked sorry to hear it late good to here u well.I love u alot ur raziatoshi
. . .dia. . .
. . .dia. . . 12 years ago i hope u get wel soon toshi!!!
we love u sooo much!!!
inshallah can anyone dea go tel him dat even hea out of india dea r heaps ov people hu loves him!!!
ur my star toshi!!!
i love youh!!!
khuda hafiz

lots ov love youh...
msti 12 years ago It really is very upsetting :(
I hope he feels well soon, and wish him the best of success professionally and in health.

Btw, has any of thefans tried to visit him? I would had I been in India... Y'know, take a little bouquet or card and tell him its from a lot f people who love him, around the world. It'll make him feel loads better, I'm sure...
bittersweet93 12 years ago whoa! Hope he gets well soon and nothing like this further happens to him...
crazyfanar 12 years ago i'm shocked...y someone wanna harm him??
hope he get well soon...
nice to know that Irfan is looking after him..
remix_ananya 12 years ago get well sonn dear.....nd itz gud to hear u r out of dangewr but im shocked to hear dis kind of treatment wid a celeb lyk toshi...itz outrageous...
soni28 12 years ago This is shocking.
Toshi, glad u r out of danger, get well soon.

fatmah5000 12 years ago get well soon toshi....that's rreally sad....
magicalmelody 12 years ago OMG!!!! Wish him a speedy recovery. Get well soon!!!
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