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Vivek Oberoi praises himself for opting out from golden spoon; Says, "I'm the Comeback Kid!"

Vivek Oberoi says how his failures have never affected him in any way and he explains how he does that...


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Vivek Oberoi’s career graph has seen too much of inconsistency and his last release - PM Narendra Modi was nothing more than a failure. Apart from that the actor, as well as the film, saw a lot of criticism from the audience. In retrospect, his career has been searing a lot of tension ever since he made his debut with crime drama Company in 2002. Talking about his failures and successes, the 43-year-old claimed to be the comeback kid.

During a recent media interaction he said; 


I feel that I hold the record of the most number of obituaries written for someone’s career. I’ve seen so many Fridays where in people have said, ‘Oh! This time he is over’. But I’m the comeback kid. I keep bouncing back. It has been a fun ride.

- Vivek Oberoi

Hindustan Times quoted Vivek as he did not fail to mention how his failures have never affected him in any way and he explains how he does that. 

He said, “I use this trick, this brilliant thing the universe has given me which is the power of choice. I choose to completely ignore the naysayers. Anything negative comes, I just throw it out.” 

Apart from being an actor, he is also a businessman and philanthropist which has left him unaffected. He added, “I’m lucky that I branched out beyond films. I’m much fulfilled. It has made me economically empowered that I don’t have to work for money. I work for pleasure and for the joy of the art.”

Being a star kid, Vivek had every opportunity to carry on the legacy by accepting help from father Suresh Oberoi. But he believed in disrupting the norms every single time. 

During the inception of his career, rejected a film which was backed by his father and was written by director duo Abbas-Mustan. Instead, he opted for an unconventional debut with Company and then he never really stuck to a particular genre be it crimes dramas, comedies or romantic films.

The trend was that beta vilayat se padhayi karke ayega aur papa ek rocket ki tarah use launch karenge. And the trend was that you would make a complete showreel of a film in which you would show your dancing, riding horses, wearing designer clothes and romance girls. I had a crisis of conscience and opted out of the whole golden spoon being handed out to me.

- Vivek Oberoi
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