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Vivek Dahiya and Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya fans are literally having SLEEPLESS nights!

And the actors acknowledged their efforts..


Fans love endlessly and lucky is our celebrity jodi 'DiVek' - Divyanka and Vivek, who have been the highest voted jodi on Nach Baliye so far!

Divyanka and Vivek have always been closely in touch with their fans and have tried to meet them whenever possible.  For Nach Baliye, we hear that the duo has started a voting chain called #PowerOfThree and #DivekVoteChain where they appealed to everyone to ask three people to vote for them and hence the chain continues. 

However, what comes as a surprise is that the 'Divek' fans decided to stay up all night on Sunday when voting lines were open to spread the word and remind people to keep voting for their favourite couple.  Vivek even took to Twitter to thank their supporters when he heard about it.

We love that he calls them #warriors!


Divyanka Tripathi Vivek Dahiya Nach Baliye 8  Star Plus 

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BreezyBoo 3 years ago Stop this DiVek nonsense for once and for all. They're soo OTT right from the beginning of the show, overdose of PDA, fans, Biography next what? Ofcourse its a must in realithy shows even Monaya do it -.-
I just wish Sanam and Abhigail win Nach. Not a fan of Divek as Divyanka cant dance at all. They're still in the show cause of PDA, PR, CHANNEL. Neither a fan of Monaya- OVER THE TOP BABIES. Never liked them.
So Abhigail and Sanam for the win.
Sanskruthi 3 years ago Fans sometimes sound so unreal almost fictional at times :/ How can someone go so much over the edge for someone who probably know them only as a generalised term! Liking and appreciating is one thing but obsessing over is too much tbh! Well guys have some sleep if you fall ill none of anyone of the contestants will pay your bills! Vote when and if it suits not anytime when you can... That's how it's meant to be!2017-06-12 21:20:46
shreepatil. 3 years ago love u lot my divek. divek is the best. keep voting friends.
@meghani u r the best fadu answer. u show them reality which they don't know.2017-06-12 20:51:48
blue_rose1605 3 years ago Well IF all the contestant r not sleeping too,stop favoring 1 person & behave like her PR
NainoMeinSapna 3 years ago The only thing that's keeping them on Nach is their fans, so of course they have to acknowledge them. I'm sorry but DT can't dance at all, even my mom agrees LOL! I hope to see AbiNam, ShoiKa, and MoNaya in the finale.
change12 3 years ago I like Divyanka in YHM and she is an awesome actor, but I'm not a fan of their dancing and don't think they should be in top 4.
HotFuzz 3 years ago Lol sleepless nights for voting .. This is nutz
Liking them is one thing but voting crazily like this seems extreme ..

ght_shona_4evr 3 years ago Hola dear, dont worry about bharbhie daal fandom, as i call sanaya as this name n the name is produce by her fans. She looks like skiney chicken legs n her hubby looks like she male. They used to bash other fandoms when jhalak was on air. They r like plaque, vella n delusional in high spirit. My gut feeling is that divek will win nb8. Atlist divyanka has acting skills where daal acting is ott n average. Divz is the only actress who have 4 millions fans on her fb page. N pls dont worry our divek will win. N u heard that thousands dogs bark on elephant but elephant roam like as he have no effect of the dog. Slow n steady wins the race like rabbit n tortoise.
luvakanksha 3 years ago Well i guess people shd stop using commitments as an excuse of non performance
Monaya were offered NB twice before but both of them refused it since they were doing shows that time n they were not sure if they will be able to give their 100% to NB
Divyanka is committed to yhm agreed but dont use that as an excuse if u were not competent of handling two shows simply dont do that
Mayavi-26 3 years ago Well when will these blind fans understand this actors are and will keep on using them to win reality shows. Liking actors is OK but wasting ur money, precious time and health on them is immaturity .
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