Villains who Rocked the Bollywood from time-to-time!

Let us explore the villains who rocked the Bollywood so far!

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Villains who rocked the Bollywood

From being the cold-hearted vicious murderers to being psychotic individuals who want to destroy the humanity for their own fun, to being the dumb uneducated dakus in rural India, Bollywood has always clenched onto their villainous character with pride as for every story, there needs a strong force to pull down the protagonist. 

Sometimes they were the hurdles in a love story; at times they were the outcasts who were shunned by the society, while some chose the path which led to the crime. Let us explore the villains who rocked the Bollywood so far!

Gabbar Singh- Amjad Khan (Sholay 1975)

Villains who rocked the Bollywood

The stellar performance offered by Amjad Khan in Sholay was completely beyond applause. The famous horse-riding daku and a gunslinger, who was well-renowned for chopping off Thakur’s arms, Amjad Khan even, took hold of coming generations as he is one of the admired villains of all time.

Mogambo- Amrish Puri (Mr. India 1987)    

Villains who rocked the Bollywood

The psychotic villain who instilled fear amongst the children and all of humanity, Amrish Puri set a benchmark for himself after performing the character of Mogambo in Mr. India. The much-loved character is yet remembered for his wicked laugh and the style to greet him. “Hail Mogambo!”

Isn’t it nostalgic?


Kancha Cheena- SanjayDutt (Agneepath 2012)

Villains who rocked the Bollywood

The heft and powerful villain who has seems to have mastered the technique of hand to hand combat, Kancha Cheena proved to be one of the most admirable villains for Vijay Deenanath Chauhan (Hrithik Roshan). Even though the film is a remake of Agneepath (1990), the 2012 action-drama did have an impact on the audience. The character of Kancha was previously played by Danny Denzongpa who was certainly magnificent but we got to give this one to Sanjay Dutt as he proved himself to be in a league of his own.

Jaykant Shikre- PrakashRaj (Singham 2011)

Villains who rocked the Bollywood

The villain with a candid demeanour well equipped with powerful speech and dialogues, the character - Jaykant Shikre was totally one of a kind. With an arsenal of contacts from the underworld and an army of corrupt politicians, Prakash Raj convinced us Jaukant Shikre was the worthy contender to fight against loyal and disciplined police officer Bajirao Singham(Ajay Devgan).


Vishnu- Vidyut Jammwal(Force 2011)

Villains who rocked the Bollywood

While we thought only Salman Khan rocked the shirtless scenes in Bollywood, Vidyut Jamwal’s villainous character in Force was a tough match for John Abraham’s ACP Yashvardhan. The fight sequences which are admired by the audiences even today, Vidyut gave neck-deep competition to John (In regards to looks and fight sequences).

As we always emphasize on the notorious villains who were completely out of their minds as they terrorized the world, we feel it is really necessary to list down the dim-witted stupid villains who petrified us simple mindlessness acts.

Uday Shetty and MajnuBhai- Nana Patekar and Anil Kapoor (Welcome 2007)

Villains who rocked the Bollywood

The pair which could kill you with the astonishing sense of humour as they are ready startle you with his dangers of torture. The remarkable chemistry which cannot be achieved without these two legends as they are will always make you go down laughing your heart out. The vicious duo is loved even today as every time you see this movie running they are the ones who will grab your eyeballs instantly.

Bubbli Bhai- SanjayMishra (Golmaal 2006)

Villains who rocked the Bollywood

The stellar actor who gives it all when he’s right in front of the camera has always something new to offer. The stupid boss who does things out of his ways to get diamonds, and you keep wondering how funny it could get?

From using unloaded guns and being one of the most idiotic chaps in the group, Sanjay Mishra totally nails the character through his performance.

These are the iconic actors who stole our hearts and plunged themselves as diamonds who rocked the Bollywood. But there will a generation of actors who will surpass them with all their might. We look forward to the future as we try to analyze their stellar performances, witty demeanour and vicious acts to sabotage the protagonists’ will to achieve a certain goal.

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Wow this list is a joke. Where is SRK from Darr?

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wow shakaal and Dr.Dang didn't even make it to the list !

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