Vikram Acharya's Musical Chords...

Vikram Acharya of Woh Rehne Wali Mehlon Ki, reveals the one thing he is most passionate about... Read on!

Vikram Acharya
has become the talk of the town after joining Sahara’s Woh Rehne Wali Mehlon Ki. With the ‘bad man’ attitude and a sly look, Vikram has everything going right for him!. What keeps Vikram going strong inspite of the hectic daily soap schedules and the confusing story lines, is none other than the most popular stress buster - Music! We recently learnt that Vikram is quite a music freak, and no matter where he is, on the sets, at home, in the car, he is simply surrounded by music. His passion for music is such that given a choice, he would have rather become a DJ than an actor.

Infact, Vikram cant wait to get his hands on learning Guitar. Though not  professionally trained in music, Vikram wishes to devote more time from his hectic schedule to learn a few more musical instruments along with the guitar. When asked Vikram about his passion for music, he replied, "I love listening to music, may it be of any genre or any language. I truly believe that music is a universal language. I am really hoping to make some more time off to learn the guitar full fledged. Infact I'm picking up a guitar soon. Its been like that ever since. Members in my family are also music enthusiasts. I guess it just runs in the blood. "

Absolutely, music is what truly connects people from all walks of life...As for Vikram, best of luck and just make sure that you hit the right chords…

Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt

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i have to agree with him that music is the universal language and life without music is really quiet... thanks for article.

16 years ago

who watched tht drama cos i dont dont i dont even ave the channel

16 years ago

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