Vijayendra Kumeria talks about the decision to introduce Naagin 5 over continuing Naagin 4, lockdown and more

Vijayendra Kumeria got talking to India-Forums about his show, the glimpses of Naagin 5, and some more. Check out the videos here.

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Vijayendra Kumeria on Naagin 4

Naagin 4, featuring Nia Sharma and Vijayendra Kumeria in the lead role came to an end due to the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak. While the makes ensured that a proper end is shot, the show's end has now made way for Naagin 5, featuring Hina Khan, Dheeraj Dhoopar, and Mohit Malhotra in the lead roles.

In a recent chat with India-Forums, we got talking to Vijayendra and talking about the new normal, the actor said, "I am quite used to it now, doing interviews, and talking to friends, everything is happening on video calls these days. I was out for a month while shooting for Naagin 4, of course."

The lockdown and the pandemic played spoilsport for the show, and ask him if he has any regrets about the sudden off-air, he said, "I don't see it negatively, whatever has to happen, will happen. This was a finite series anyway and there was this one day when I felt like what just happened, however, the team had a valid point as well since it was a huge break in between and given the kind of story we have, it wouldn't have kept up with the pace of a fantasy fiction. This was a well-thought decision and I respect that and the conclusion that we shot is also great, so I have no regrets."

When quizzed if he ever had a thought that his show might be among one of those to go off-air, he said, "Honestly, I never had a thought that Naagin will go off-air but soon, the news came and you can't do much about it and I am sure something bigger is coming up."

Naagin 5 is all set to go on-air this weekend, but the decision to pull the plug on Naagin 4 was made rather than continuing the show. When asked about his take on it, he said, "Being an actor, I would only say that there is nothing in the actor's hand, the story, or the track, for that matter and there is no point in thinking about it. As an actor, all I can do is work on my character, on my skills. Fans love us so much that they continue to ask for season 2 of Udaan as well, and they obviously love to see us on-screen and Naagin fans wished to take it forward also, but if the writers are not convinced, it will also reflect on their writing, so it is better to let them do what they are doing."

Among other things, he also got talking about spending time during the lockdown, how did work feel like, and some more. Check out the video here.

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