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Vicky Kaushal reveals experiencing Sleep Paralysis; Claims himself to be 'the Biggest Fattu'!

Vicky Kaushal recently interacted with his fans as he started a Question-Answer session on Instagram. Upon being asked experiencing any horrifying incident, he reveals about sleep paralysis and claims himself to be the biggest fattu...


Vicky Kaushal’s recent release Bhoot saw an impressive response from the audience and the film was also garnered with good remarks from the critics. However, in a recent interaction with his fans, Vicky was quizzed, if he had any experience with ghosts. To everyone’s surprise, the URI actor revealed that he has experienced sleep paralysis quite a few times and added it is damn scary. 

He also revealed moments that scare him. Vicky conducted an AMA on Instagram and responded to all questions.

Vicky was recently seen interacting with fans as he started a Question-Answer session on Instagram. One of his fans asked, “Did you ever experience a bhoot in real?” Vicky then responses, “I have experienced Sleep Paralysis a couple of times... it’s damn scary. Read about it!”

For the uninitiated, ‘Sleep Paralysis’ is the temporary inability to move or speak while falling asleep or upon waking. This usually lasts one or two minutes and is often frightening.

Vicky further claimed he is 'the biggest fattu' when it comes to horror films and stories. A fan asked him if he was scared of ghosts and he replied, “I’m the biggest fattu in the world when it comes to horror films or stories!”

He was also asked if shooting for Bhoot Part One The Haunted Ship was a scary experience, to which the 31-year-old actor replied, “Quite difficult to not feel scared after hearing that!” He also posted a video we see Vicky gearing up for an underwater shoot as the trainer tells the actor, “There will be a few moments where you are gonna feel you’re gonna die.”

Vicky recently made it to the headline, his housing complex, Oberoi Springs was reportedly sealed after an 11-year-old was tested positive for the coronavirus. The 11-year-old is reported to be a doctor’s daughter and resides at the C wing of the complex.

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