Venkatprabhu's 'Goa' has nothing much to offer (Tamil Film Review)

Film: 'Goa'; Cast: Vaibhav, Jai, Premji Amaren, Pia, Sneha and others; Direction: Venkatprabhu: Music Director: Yuvan Shankar Raja: Ratings: **

Film: 'Goa'; Cast: Vaibhav, Jai, Premji Amaren, Pia, Sneha and others; Direction: Venkatprabhu: Music Director: Yuvan Shankar Raja: Ratings: **

Venkatprabhu has established himself as filmmaker who can make meaningful films without any big stars. His 'Chennai 6000028' featured a host of newcomers and was a runaway hit. It was followed by another hit 'Saroja', a travelogue.

Both the films inspired Venkat to make another one with little known stars but this time he isn't as good as he was in his last two movies.

'Goa', Soundarya Rajnikant's first film as a producer, had a lot of pre-release hype for having sun-soaked beaches of Goa filled with bikini-clad women, Yuvan's enthralling music, Premji's 'strong' character, etc.

The film opens with a satirical rendition of the Naattamai (Village Panchayath leader) sequence - a rough and tough Jai and his friends Premji and Vaibhav steal jewellery from the nearby temple and escape to Madurai. They stumble upon a Maduraiite who was about to leave for London after marrying a European woman.

They also plan to marry 'foreign women' and settle down abroad. They head for Goa where many foreigners are seen and the rest of the story is all about their expriences there.

Merely for the sake of comedy, the gimmicks of the trio could be forgiven. The sequence of events in Goa where the trio get accommodation and unlimited alcohol (everyday) has no logic. More unbelievable is the way they manage to get friendly with 'three' girls and sing duets with them.

In short, most of the sequences are ill-conceived. Venkat has probably erred here in his assumption that if the film is youthful and joyful, viewers will ignore faux pas.

The characterization of the lead character is most disappointing. Premji, who spoofs at leading Tamil film heroes, Vaibhav, who gets caught by Sneha and an off-colour Jai, fail to create enough ripples.

Venkat, who tries to make fun of tested Tamil film formulae, disappoints as he doesn't continue it in the same vein. Premji's 'fighting' irritates.

But Sampath and Atvind Krishna as homosexuals bring the roof down with their one-liners. It's noticeable that for the first time homosexuality is being spoken about at length and not getting ridiculed at in a Tamil film.

He goes overboard while using the super hit song 'Kangal Irandaal' - it would be better if the songs are banned.

In the acting department, Sneha and newcomer Piaa played their respective roles admirably well. Premj and Jai too tried to give their best but faulty screenplay marred their performances.

Music and cinematography are the saving graces in this otherwise insipid film.

Along with the songs, Yuvan has scored amazing background score for the film. The picturization of some songs may embarrass elders while watching it with their children.

If you just want to see Goa beaches full of semi-clad women, go for it!

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