“Variety is what sets India’s Got Talent apart from other reality shows” says IGT judge Manoj Muntashir

Manoj Muntashir who will be joining the judges panel is enthusiastic about the new season of India’s Got Talent’

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Sony Entertainment Television’s talent show ‘India’s Got Talent’ is all geared up to bring to the viewers an explosion of talent and showmanship from every corner of the country starting 15th January at 8:00 PM! The reality show will feature a bunch of super talented participants from different walks of life showcasing their skills on the show. The latest season promises to be bigger and better while celebrating the distinctive flair and knack that the contests have to offer. Acclaimed lyricist, Poet and Screenwriter, Manoj Muntashir who will be joining the judges panel is enthusiastic about the new season where he says, “Being on the judge’s chair is like an accomplishment.”  Excerpts below:

1. What sets the show India's Got Talent apart from other reality shows?

In one word, ‘Variety!’ The variety of acts and performances that the viewers will get to see on this show is what sets India’s Got Talent apart from any other reality show. The show does not depend on a single act or a single talent… it is neither a singing show nor a dance show. It is everything and that ‘everything’ is the key. Right from magic acts to ariel acts, to contemporary dances to classical dances to singing, beatboxing and more, the show is a hub for huge and diverse range of talents present together on one platform. So yes, this is what sets India’s Got Talent apart from other reality shows.  

2. How do you feel to be a part of the show as a judge? 

I feel very proud for two reasons. First, the judges chair on India’s Got Talent has always been occupied by the greatest talents of the industry. Notable filmmakers, artists and actors have always graced the judges chair, so receiving this opportunity to be seated on the judges panel alongside Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Kirron Kher ji and Badshah definitely comes with responsibility and one needs courage to sit on that chair. Secondly, I also feel very proud because I have been a part of the backstage team for three seasons! I have written three seasons of India’s Got Talent season 4, 5 and 6. So now that I will be judging the show from right in front of the camera, I definitely thank my stars for it and it’s a moment I can surely be proud of.

3. What will be your criteria to judge the talent?

My criteria is very simple “Entertainment!” If the act has moved me, entertained me, has got some scope to move forward and if I think it is promising enough to be presented to the viewers then, it’s a ‘yes’ from myside. So my clear one word answer is ‘Entertainment.’

4. How easy or difficult it is to be a judge on a show like India’s Got Talent?

It is certainly very easy and very tough. Talking about it being tough, the audience is going to consume the performances from the judge’s point of view. So, all the judges are a medium between the audience and the performers. Keeping this in mind, we have to judge all the acts very responsibly. It’s a difficult job and it’s a big responsibility on the shoulders. So yes, there is pressure. Talking about it being easy, because I know the DNA of the show and have been a part of the creative team for three seasons, I very well understand that what makes the show so special. The Indianness level of the show is very deep rooted. The performers come from small towns, small cities and sometimes, sometimes from very distant villages of India. So, when viewers watch them on this show, they feel connected. The only aspect that sets them apart from any common viewer is their talent. So once you understand that DNA and the fabric of the show, it is easy to judge.

5. Tell us something about your camaraderie with the other judges, Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Kirron Kher and Badshah?

The camaraderie is crazy. All of us (Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Kirron Kher ji and Badshah) have never been together on any platform before this. But, it doesn’t feel like that. It feels like we have been together since ages. There is a kind of comfort between us and that’s what translates on screen. I would not like to divulge much and leave something for the viewers to see starting 15th January at 8:00 pm.

6. We have seen fun and engaging banters between you and your fellow judges on social media. Seems like you’re been enjoying been on the sets how did it come up? 

The comfort level we share translate on-screen. None of it is fabricated and every interaction the viewers have seen so far on social media is very real. We also imitate each other at times and have a lot of fun while shooting. It feels like another home to me. 

7. Will the viewers see you narrate shayaris on the show? 

Oh yes! You cannot keep a cat away from a milk. (laughs)! As and when I get a chance to perform, I would be very very happy to do so. Viewers will see me narrating my poetries. I did the same previously on Indian Idol, and it worked like wonders so why not this time again?

8. This time there is a fresh panel of judges who amongst the four of you is the most difficult to please and why? 

Kirron ji is the most difficult to please. Because she has seen a barrage of talents over the period of nine seasons. So for us things might be new, things might be fresh. But for her, she has seen everything. With time, her taste has broken the roof. So, it’s very difficult to please her and to show her something which she has not seen before.

9.  What the viewers can look forward to in this season if India’s Got talent?

India’s Got Talent has always been a promise of great entertainment and a great variety show. But whatever you have seen in last 8 seasons I mean that was great and that is the reason that we are all here for 9th Season. This season is going to be different because our hunger for presenting something bigger and and better has grown many folds. The technology has evolved, the talents have evolved the exposure has been so big now and the artists have seen all kind of variety talents internationally and globally.  They know that they have to really make a mark, make an impression and produce something on stage which is awe inspiring. So, I believe that all that will be packaged into a great great season 9 and I look forward to it and I'm sure it’s going to be a memorable one.

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