Vanshaj: Savita's harsh treatment pushes Yuvika to fight back strongly

In the upcoming episode of Vanshaj, Savita's brutal beating pushes Yuvika to her limit, prompting her to fight back fiercely, surprising everyone.

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Vanshaj: Savita's harsh treatment pushes Yuvika to fight back strongly
Yuvika from Vanshaj. Image Courtesy: Sony SAB

Within the Mahajan dynasty on Sony SAB's show Vanshaj, viewers are drawn into a mesmerising saga of complex relationships and the relentless pursuit of power. This causes tension within the Mahajan family and ignites a fierce rivalry between Yuvika and her cousin DJ (Mahir Pandhi). In recent episodes, DJ brings Yuvika's lookalike Chinki, claiming that Chinki is the real Yuvika, leading everyone in the family to believe DJ. However, Yuvika's mother, Bhoomi (Gurdeep Punj), and love interest, Neel (Mohit Kumar), start collecting evidence against Chinki to blow up DJ's plan.  

In the upcoming episode, Yuvika finds herself scared and confused as she steps out of her cell, seeking solace in thoughts of Prem and prayers for help. Meanwhile, DJ and Koel share a romantic moment discussing their marriage and the port project until Bhoomi interrupts. DJ coldly dismisses her, recording her desperate plea on his phone for his own amusement.

Imposter Yukti's announcement about returning part of the house to the Mahajans triggers tension, with Bhoomi accusing them of conspiracy and vowing to stay until her daughter is returned. Bhoomi's astute observation about Yukti's mannerisms matching the imposter Yuvika exposes the Mahajans' deception, leaving Arjun and Isha shocked.

Yuvika enters the jail kitchen and apologises for being late, unaware of her duties. Inmates deliberately make her tasks difficult, mocking her. When Yuvika makes mistakes, Savita (Sr. Constable) beats her with a baton. Yuvika, in pain, eventually snaps, grabbing the baton and fighting back. Her aggressive side emerges as she defends herself, surprising everyone. This leads to a tense standoff with Gulreez Appa, who arrives at the scene.

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What is even happening in this show? This show was supposed to be about business politics and we are getting served with endless murders and accidents ever since October

12 days ago

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