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Vandana Pathak Still Calls Shoma Ji And Ashok Saraf 'Mummy And Daddy'

Hum Paanch has returned to the world of television to entertain fans amidst the lockdown. Vandana Pathak, who played the role of the eldest sister, Meenakshi recently talked to the media.

Published: Thursday,Apr 09, 2020 10:03 AM GMT-06:00
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Hum Paanch

Ekta Kapoor's Hum Paanch is one of the most favourite comedy shows in the history of television. With old classics returning to TV, Hum Paanch is also in the list. The show, which showcased a strong bond between five sisters and a white-collar worker who always finds him in trouble because of his five daughters, was much loved and appreciated by all. It also starred Vidya Balan as one of the sisters. 

As the show is running again on television, Vandana Pathak, who played the eldest daughter Meenakshi, talked to and she really had something interesting incidences to share.

When asked about how excited she is to see the show on air again, she said: "People used to always ask me that why don't they air Hum Paanch again and now when it's finally happening, I am feeling so happy and excited as the new generation will get to see how we used to do a beautiful and clean comedy."

Further discussing the cast as it was her first show, she said "I was doing a play at that time and the writer of our play was supposed to write this show as well. One day he came to me and said you want to work in a TV serial and I excitedly said, "Yes, why not?" Then he said Jeetendra Ji's daughter is making this show, so let's go and meet her after the play."

"We went and I met Ekta Kapoor for the first time. In the play, I was playing a tom boy's role, so she was a bit sceptical and asked me, "Mujhe badi behen ke role ke liye koi chahiye, jo aapke iss role se kaafi alag hai, aap kar paaoge?"  I immediately said I'll do it. And after 10 minutes of conversation, I was on board. That time was different for casting as shows used to be weekly and we used to shoot hardly for 10 days maximum. Now because it's a daily soap we have to shoot every day and more characters are needed. At that time, I remember vo hamse hi pooch lete the ki is role ke liye koi hai to bata do. But now, there are special casting teams in production houses."

Further talking about Ekta taking inputs from the crew, Vandana revealed "Absolutely, in fact we all used to suggest stories and she welcomed them all. That time we all used to read a lot, but now with android and multiple screens, people hardly invest their time in reading."

Vandana further discussed the show "Hum Paanch had become such a big hit that time. I remember it was long that I had met my mother, so one day, I went to Ahemdabad to  give her a surprise and her maid at that time opened the door and started screaming, "Meenakshi aayi hai!". And my mom was questioned her, "Kaun Meenakshi?" When she came near the door and saw me, she told her, "Aree, ye meri beti hai," And then the maid asked, "Toh aapki baaki chaar betiyan kahan hai?" And we were in splits. Everyone at that time used to feel that we are actually real sisters and also because the bond was such. We still call Ashok Saraf, Daddy and Shoma Ji, Maa because we were really a family."

She then talked about Shoma Ji and Ashok Ji.

"The two were so amazing and taught us so much. Ashok ji explained us how to be grounded as we all were young and in that age log aksar hawa mein udne lag jaate hain. He used to tell everyone that all this fame is temporary, so stay grounded. Whereas Shoma Ji used to teach us how to do our own makeup, right from putting eyeliners to merging lipstick. Other than that, she used to always get apples from Kashmir and always carry a juicer on the set. Those were lovely days, really. They actually used to treat us like their own kids."

She was then asked about the house and the famous door which Rakhi used to open, singing the songhe actress said "We used to shoot at Cheeranjiv Bungalow, opposite Jewel nursing home in Juhu. Now it's not there as a building has been constructed in its place. That bungalow had two bedrooms and post our lunch we used to go and sleep in one of the rooms, ek saath light band karke. And our director used to come and tell us, "Beta utho shooting karna hai," vo bhi ek dum pyaar se. That love and care on the set from everyone was and will always be special."

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