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Valentine's Day Special: Off-Beat Bollywood Couples that Redefined the meaning of 'True Love'!

Title Options: Valentine's Day Special: Off-Beat Bollywood couples that were too adorable to go Unrecognized! Bollywood has failed to feature the chemistry that absconds the social stereotypes of how pure love is perceived. Let us look at some of the best couples in the past decade (2011-2020) that broke the stereotypes of love and manage to warm the cockles of your heart...


The notion of featuring love stories has always attracted the audience, although most of the time Bollywood has failed to feature the chemistry that absconds the social stereotypes of how pure love is perceived. At times the directors have gone overboard in the portrayal of love in general and at times the couple is either cliched with the same formula or they turn out to be flawed characters. 

Bollywood has been a major influencer in the Indian society and there's no denying, it was Bollywood that engraved it's the idea of Western (Materialistic) Love that surrounds us even today. There have been a plethora of love stories and characters that have enchanted us with their subtle yet soothing ideas of romance and pleasure. 

This Valentine's let us look at some of the best couples in the past decade (2011-2020) that broke the stereotypes of love and manage to warm the cockles of your heart.

1. Taashi Malhotra and Menaka - Delhi Belly (2011)

Courtesy : HungrySher

Don’t ever make the mistake of watching this film besides your girlfriend. If she does not like off-beat cinema, you’d bore her as one needs to have good humor to understand the jokes. 

But talking about Taashi and Menaka’s chemistry the two are quite the unique characters in itself as you would find her far more lively and zealous, compared to Taashi who is always serious about his work and doesn’t bother enjoying himself. But the two combined make the best couple as they compliment and try to help each other no matter what the problem might be.

2. Surjan Singh Shekhawat and Roshni Shekhawat - Talaash (2012)

Courtesy : Koimoi

The shock of losing someone you loved might tear apart your whole life; Roshni Shekhawat and Surjan Singh Shekhawat could never get over the fact that they had lost their son. However, there are times when just the presence of someone can clam your soul. The sole reason for this couple to make it to this list is for the efforts they took to understand each other and offer the space they needed in order to heal. 

3. David and Roma - David (2013)

Being special abled comes at a cost. But this being Bollywood film, the characters tend to fall in love easily. Falling heads over heels for the fairy-tale kind of girl Roma who is deaf and mute, David jeopardizes his relationship with Roma as she is already engaged with his best friend. 

Well, the couple deserves a spot as if the director planned on showing their love story they could have been one the best on-screen couples. But they weren’t!

Make sure you let go when someone does not desire to be with you!

4. Haider and Arisha - Haider (2014)

Courtesy : Hollywood Reporter

Haider has one of the best romantic scenes of all time and talks about aesthetics you just can’t get over Shahid Kapoor kissing Shraddha Kapoor. But, apart from that, you might also enjoy how the two parallel characters have uplifted themselves amidst the political turmoil.

5. Deepak Chaudhary and Shaalu Gupta - Masaan (2015)

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To date, Masaan is one of the most underrated films of all time. Considering its character’s struggle to escape the moral construct of a small town and attain an elite position in society. But, isn’t true love is above all religions?

6. Sarbjit and Sukhpreet - Sarbjit (2016)

Courtesy : Bollywood Hungama

What do you do when you have been longing to see your love who is caught up in prison? You wait and that what Sarbjit’s wife Sukhpreet. Some lovers need a lot of time and patience to reunite!

7. Chirag Dubey and Bitti Mishra - Bareilly Ki Barfi (2017)

What can you say about the king of off-beat cinema - Ayushmann Khurrana can also Tickle the heart with romance. Try watching this film, Chirag Dubey and Bitti Mishra surprise you!

8. Robbie and Rumi - Manmarziyaan (2018)

Courtesy : Variety

Who says you can’t fall in love twice? Well, give it a shot you never know you might find your better half even after your marriage. 

This meticulously crafted film defines love along with madness, however, the shades of a character might sometimes fade away in their struggle to blend meld. But let us remind you at times true love also emerges from friendships or forced weddings. Give it a try, make conversations that what Robbie and Rumi have taught us!

9. Rafi and Miloni Shah - Photograph (2019)

Not all the love stories require the guy to owns a helicopter and be filthy rich. Neither it needs a mother standing at the doorstep with a Thali in her hand. 

At times a guy can also hail from a lower-middle-class background who struggles through daily earnings and keep his girlfriend happy. Enjoy the little things you never know you might rediscover love roaming around the rainy streets of Mumbai while being on a lookout for a cup of masala chai!

10. Shiv Kumar Dhar and Shanti Dhar - Shikara (2020)

Growing old with your beloved husband. Isn’t that every girl’s dream? Well if it isn’t what are you doing, try taking some notes from Shanti. You can always be dependent on your man and be a successful woman at the same time. All you need to do is trust your better half, he is trying to work out a plan for your happiness. 

There have been cases when directors tend to exaggerate the chemistry between their characters and the loudness of these flaws ruin the entire melancholy of their characteristics. We hope this list helps you take cues to impress your partner and have the best Valentine's day ever.

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