Vaishnavi Upbeat about her role in Chuna Hai Aasmaan

Vaishnavi talks about her powerful, yet not the typical crying mum's role in Star One's yet-to-be launched soap, Chuna Hai Aasmaan...

Actress Vaishnavi is quite looking forward to her role in the upcoming Star One show, Chuna Hai Asmaan. "I play Sapna, the mother of the main female lead, Janhvi. However it's not your typical crying mum role, my character will have depth", added Vaishnavi who is well known for her roles in Shaktiman and Choti Ma as well.

Any romantic angle? " Yes I will have an involvement with Narendra Jha. My past will have a strong bearing on current story plot; hence we will have strong flash back component as well. Remember, the show is supposed to be a sequel to Air force show, Sara Akash".

But is it true, that the look of your character has been changed?, "Yes initially Sapna will be shown to be a boisterous Punjabi lady with a lot of lighter elements. However soon, the production realized that this comic angle was not jelling with the above character sketch, therefore changes were incorporated. Luckily my character has not entered the show in big way, so no major jarring disconnect will be noticed. As the episodes pass, you will see Sapna getting serious", she clarified.

Last but not the least ,Vaishnavi has also entered Zee TV's Mamta as Narayani's replacement. The death of the latter needed the story to be given a separate track. Unfortunately though, the poor thing will only get few episodes ,as the show will go off the air very soon.

So why did you accept this dying project? "Actually when I signed the contract, it was supposed to be for 6 months, but only at the start of shooting, did they have the guts to tell me the truth. Ironically my new character may also be named Narayani", she ended.

Author: Anil Merani

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hey please help me to find the choona hai aasman from the all the episodes from (begining to end) and also karam apna apna (2006) all the episodes

15 years ago

i like vaishnavi,she is beautiful and stunning and i am glad to see her with narendra jha in cha.

15 years ago

if i'm not wrong, isn't she the one who played Ananya's mom, Meera in ELAS?..

well, looking forward to her role!

16 years ago

uuuuummmmmm..... sounds nice ;) i guess lol

16 years ago

wow, i personally dont liek her acting as much,
lets see how she does justice to the role, & mamtas role :|

16 years ago

....didn't she say she didn't want to play mother's roles anymore like when she quit ELAS?
Then she got this whole make over to show how young she was and not old enought to play Anu's mother's role...
ppl need to stick to 1 story and stop changing their minds...

16 years ago

Thnx 4 the article...Lookin forward to ''chuna hai aasman''

16 years ago

Can't wait to watch Chuna Hai Aasmaan... loved Saara Aakash!

16 years ago

thanx for the article...looking forward to CHA! :D

16 years ago

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