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UTV Bindaas rolls out Red Carpet for 'Style Police'

The UTV Bindaas show is patrolling your FQ (Fashion Quotient)


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The Indian fashion scene is booming like never before. Be it the fashion gurus, glamorous models or a celebrity - having an impeccable fashion quotient is a norm today.  While you keep wondering what's hot and what's not, all you need to do now is to tune into UTV Bindass' newest show on the block, 'Style Police'.

A show that all designers, stylists and fashionistas would vouch for and yet dread to be picked on for a fashion blunder. From fashion's hottest trends, tips, new designers, event updates, store opening, sale announcements to the latest in hair, makeup & styling and not to forget Bollywood style quo to 'who's wearing what?' Bindass Style Police is your one stop shop for all your fashion updates!

Presenting this style update is the equally stylish and gorgeous host, Natasha Suri, an ex Miss India winner from Mumbai. She is all set to reveal the fashion secrets of the best and present everything that makes up the Indian and international fashion scene. "Bindass Style Police has a completely innovative format. It's just not a regular style show; instead it showcases every aspect of fashion providing the viewers a wider perspective with a lot of fun elements added to the format. The show is sure to appeal to everyone whether fashionable or not" says Natasha Suri on the launch of the show.

Commenting on the launch of 'Bindass Style Police', Keith Alphonso, Business Head, UTV Bindass said," The youth today is very aware and conscious of their FQ, while many of them have their individualistic style they also like to be updated on fashion trends, especially if presented in a fun format. Bindass Style Check has been formulated keeping precisely this in mind. I am sure the show will be a great success and would be loved by our audience".


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