Utkarsha Naik's fondness for animals!

Actress Utkarsha Naik, engages herself in doing some social work.

Our TV celebs are quite fond of pets and it can be seen through their love and affection towards them. Lately Hamari Sister Didi fame Pariva Pranati adopted a kitten. Now another  actress to join the league to show her animal love is Utkarsha Naik, who is seen in Colors' Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi.

Let's hear from Utkarsha about her love for puppies -

Utkarsha admits that she takes utmost care of the puppies and has handed over them to the adoption center. In fact her cousin and people associated to the sets have even adopted them, “Yes, three pups in a month were adopted, one of my cousins took the responsibility of one puppy then an AP (Assistant Producer) or EP (Executive Producer) adopted one puppy whom we have named it as Maxy who is little flurry and white in color. One more puppy was adopted from an organization who owns the adoption center, the puppies were given a shelter which was quite commendable thing. There are still 4-5 puppies left so I feed them and their Mom everyday either its pedigree, chicken and rice. Even I see to eat that the left over food is fed to them. This way I keep trying to take care of them.”

She is an animal lover since her childhood says Utkarsha, "I have grown up in a bungalow consisting a huge garden area where we used to have dogs, cats and even chickens. Talking specifically about dogs, they are best friends of human beings but now sadly in metro cities nobody is bothered to look after them. I would say instead of throwing left overs into the dustbin, people should take some pain and feed the left over to dogs who spend their time drinking unhygienic water.”

Utkarsha has a pet Cocker Spaniel whom she is very much attached with. Telling us about the same she says, “I cannot put it in words the bond I share with him. I find him no less than a human being in terms of emotions. Its because of my love that I have started caring for my pet. He is still a pub and will turn a year old in January next year. I use to have a Cocker Spaniel previously but he died in an accident by the mistake of my maid. I think I have wasted so many years of my life by probably not doing what could have been done but off late I have start my mission and I am on with it.”

I am supporting a noble cause where the street dogs are adopted. I ensure that the dogs are properly treated and given vaccinations time to time. They should be fed properly so that they are not let on the street to die,” concludes Utkarsha.

Well, Utkarsha Naik indeed you are doing a great job!

Aakruti Damani

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Comments (4)

good job Utkarsha ji..Love u as our colourful n beautiful mamiji

9 years ago

MANORAMA MAMI!!! she used to call lakshmi missed call haha, love her, she is a fab actress

9 years ago

Gud job Utkarsha. Am working for the same cause. Gud with this mission :-)

9 years ago

I adored her as manorama mami in ipkknd..
She's a fab actor..
All the best to you mamiji,hellow hi bye bye ;)

9 years ago

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