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Understanding Kabir: Hrithik Roshan decodes his character from War!

Fans have expressed their queries about understanding Kabir and used the hashtag #DecodingKabir to delve deep into the specifics of the Hrithik’s character. Here are the details about his characters...


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Hrithik Roshan has been making it to the headlines for his recent release - War, which also stars Tiger Shroff and Vani Kapoor. The film has quite an intricate storyline and based on the character design, fans have been facing issues concerned with understanding Roshan's character. 

The film is leading on the Box-office number and the fans can't stop expressing their love for the film and Hrithik himself. Since the fans are already loving the film they have been curious to know his character and all they have been craving for Kabir’s overview. Fans had expressed their appreciation for Hrithik on social media with the popular hashtag #WeWantKabir which went viral.

In addition to this, recently fans have expressed their queries about understanding Kabir and used the hashtag #DecodingKabir to delve deep into the specifics of the charming actor’s character.

How could Hritik keep his fans guess?

The actor took to his Instagram page and posted a video where he has decoded his character. Hrithik also emphasized that his character Kabir is an ultimate lover and a rebel.

“There is a child in him who’s angry. A rebel in him who’s calm. There is the ultimate lover in him who doesn’t believe in love. There is a saint in him who’s cocky. And there is the man in him who can’t find himself. And somewhere somehow he knows the comedy of it all. He takes all of it along. That’s where he finds Him. K.A.B.I.R”

Check out the post below;

The handsome superstar took to social media to thank his fans and respond to their questions regarding the layers of his character. He explained how getting into the mind of Kabir was a major prep and everything else was just a consequence of that.

Well, we are extremely elated that Hrithik has complied with all our requests and we are looking forward to decoding Kabir! With his most recent release WAR, Hrithik Roshan has set first-day box office record and the fans are totally going gaga over this record-breaking development.

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