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‘Udaariyaan’ actor Aditi Bhagat shares her experience of shooting in Chandigarh for the first time

Aditi Bhagat opens up about her experience of shooting for the show in the picturesque city of Chandigarh.

Published: Friday,Sep 08, 2023 11:52 AM GMT-06:00
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Aditi Bhagat

COLORS' 'Udaariyaan' continues to garner appreciation from the audiences for its themes of love and ambition that reign over the lives of Alia, portrayed by Alisha Parveen, Aasmaa, played by Aditi Bhagat, and Armaan, portrayed by Anuraj Chahal. As the show’s storyline takes a pivotal turn with an upcoming wedding drama, Aditi Bhagat opens up about her experience of shooting for the show in the picturesque city of Chandigarh. Hailing from Mumbai, Aditi remarks that the experience of living in Chandigarh is as enriching as being on the show. 

The major difference she notices is the bustling pace of Mumbai and the serene atmosphere of Chandigarh. While Aditi may not have had the opportunity to visit every corner of Chandigarh, she relishes every moment spent on the Udaariyaan set with the locals. She finds herself enjoying the best of both worlds, appreciating the charm of its modern architecture and its flavourful Punjabi cuisine. 

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Talking about her shooting experience in Chandigarh, Aditi Bhagat says, “I was absolutely thrilled about shooting for Udaariyaan in Chandigarh. I went to the city for the first time and instantly fell in love with it. Shooting in Chandigarh placed me right inside the show’s world. I had experienced the dynamic hustle of Mumbai, and so the peace and pace of Chandigarh were a novelty for me. In both cities, there's a blend of motion and stillness that I cherish. What I love the most about Chandigarh is that its people are rooted in their culture. The warmth of the people and the delicious food have been my highlights."  

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