Twice bitten and shy! Sneha Wagh living separately from husband.

Problems erupt in Sneha Wagh and husband Anurag Solanki's marriage... Is the couple heading for a divorce?

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Actress Sneha Wagh, who became a television household name by essaying the significant role of Ratanjeet was last seen in Star Plus' hit show Veera. The talented actress is in the news again for her second marriage being in troubled waters. 

As reported by Bombay Times, the actress has been living separately from her husband for the last 3 months and sources close to her have confirmed their impending divorce. 

Brave enough to come out from a failed marriage to explore acting and landing title role of another hit show Jyoti, Sneha had her marriage arranged by her family to interior designer, Anurag Solanki last year. Apparently their marriage was short-lived with things starting to fall apart within 8 months of their wedding. 

A source close to her shared, "Her first marriage ended because of domestic violence. The second one didn't work because of the increasing differences between the estranged couple. Cracks have deepened in their relationship and there is no chance of their differences being resolved. They have been living separately for the last three months and will soon get divorced."

Sneha, who chose not to delve into the details with the tabloid stated, "This is not the right time to talk about it."

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Comments (3)

things are not so simple any longer as it used to be 20years ago in domestic / marriage equation. expectations are higher and pressure is abundant.

8 years ago

I feel bad reading this because I really loved her as Ratan in Veera. Hope she finds happiness in future! Good luck Sneha!

8 years ago

Why did the parents arrange a second marriage for her after the first one didn't work out because of domestic violence? They should have left her alone to figure things out herself. Anyway, I hope she finds happiness, whether single or in a relationship.

8 years ago

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