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Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert Get Serious As Trump Gets Grim

Tough and scary times are ahead for the US, according to the daily White House briefing. That sombre tone was seized upon tonight by Trevor Noah on The Daily Show.


US is in a crisis as the number of infected people with coronavirus increases. With more than 200,000 cases in the US, the country is under lockdown.

Noting that President Donald Trump has never seemed so grim, Noah said that if a similar body count was raised on the first-person shooter Call of Duty video game, you might even shut it off. Meanwhile, Stephen Colbert asked the media to cut Joe Biden a break.

Trevor addressed the speech President Donald Trump gave at the daily white house briefing talking about the virus spreading vigorously in the states, finally taking the situation seriously. While the media was addressing his dark tone, Trevor Noah joined in to explain the gravity of it.

He said "Donald Trump, for the first time, at least sounds like he is afraid of this virus. And HE is taking it seriously, then we should be scared." adding that he takes nothing seriously. "This is the same dude who stared at the eclipse like it was a magic eye painting, the same dude who sand Hakuna Matata when he assassinated a general in Iran, the same dude who responded to a hurricane with a paper towel three-point contest"

"If the President is taking this seriously then maybe we should too"

The reports of the White House have suggested that even if America did everything right, they could still see 100,000 to 240,000 deaths from the coronavirus.

Trevor went on to say that President Trump keeps making excuses about why he was so late to react to a pandemic.

"If Trump was so easily distracted from dealing with a looming pandemic, then that is bad news because then America has a puppy as it's president." The host said talking about the excuses the President made for downplaying the virus.

The President also mentioned that Barak Obama is the reason that America couldn't cope with the pandemic.

Stephen Colbert talked about the new animation 'QuaranTOONS' 

The small footage he showed asked a news host to leave Joe Biden alone when he was called out for not coughing in his elbow but on his hand.


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