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Trailer Review: Mohenjo Daro

The trailer of one of the highly anticipated movies of the year, Mohenjo Daro was released recently.

Published: Tuesday,Jun 21, 2016 23:44 PM GMT-06:00
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The trailer of one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year, Mohenjo Daro was just released. Produced by Ashutosh Gowariker, Sunita Gowariker and Siddharth Roy Kapur, the Ashutosh Gowariker-directed movie is a love story set in the ancient city of Mohenjo Daro.  Hrithik Roshan stars as Sarman, a young farmer who finds himself drawn to the city. Newcomer Pooja Hegde will play the female lead Chaani, the daughter of a priest. Suhasini Mulay, Nitish Bharadwaj, Arunoday Singh, and Sharad Kelkar will be seen in supporting roles, while Kabir Bedi will portray the antagonist.

The trailer opens with the narrator announcing someone as the saviour of Mohenjo Daro, which manages to catch your attention. However, we lost interest pretty quickly, as the trailer rapidly proceeds and becomes something of a cross between Baahubali: The Beginning (2015), Lagaan (2001) and Jodhaa Akbar (2008), and some Life of Pi (2012) thrown in for good measure! The narration seems awry overall, and we cannot make head or tail of the plot except that our lead seems to be a farmer who comes to city for some reason, meets the female lead, gets into some fight and ends up leading a revolt! The entire concept is somewhat vague and confusing.

The dialogue sound average and quite modern for an ancient setting. A lot of scenes, especially the murals of the city, are let down by the poor CGI, and aren't as impactful as they were probably intended to be. Costumes seem to range between good and confusing - and it gets simply weird with Hegde and Bedi! They seem to be influenced by the clothing worn by Red Indians and Egyptians, and we are not quite sure that they work. Hegde's headgear and costume is clearly an imitation of Hollywood's depiction of Cleopatra. Bedi's headgear seems plain wrong! The only people who look "normal" and adhering to the era and culture are the villagers and Roshan - but even then we are reminded of Lagaan!

All of it definitely left us confused and dazed - and we certainly hope that the movie delivers better. However, there are some good things that we would like to point out - A.R. Rahman's music, for one. We hear a little of it in the trailer, and it sounds promising. The sets look authentic enough, and that too is a plus point. If the action scenes in the movie are as good as the ones in the trailer, then the viewers are in for a treat!

Roshan appears to be the biggest selling point. He does look quite eye-catching in the trailer, and many may choose to watch the movie just for his power-packed performance. He has proved his mettle many times before, and the trailer gives the impression that this performance will be another feather in his cap. He commands attention in every scene! We don't see much of Hegde in the trailer, so her acting skills can't be commented upon. The small glimpse of Bedi, though, is enough to let us know that he will play the part of the villain to perfection!

 Ashutosh Gowariker has previously directed phenomenal movies like Lagaan and Jodhaa Akbar, and therefore the expectations are high from this one. Will the movie be as successful as some his earlier works? We will find out soon enough! Mohenjo Daro is coming to theatres on 12th August. Meanwhile, check out the trailer, and then let us know about your thoughts in the space below!
Writer: Kalpana K.C.
Editors: Tanisha N. and Gunia K.
Graphics: Nadia N.
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available1 @available1 7 years ago trailer is much disappointing & Pooja Hegde (surprisingly a heroine ) is just too funny .. it seems this movie has been made to use remaining set of jodha akbar.. over confidant hritik goin to fail on this movie
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Rifah (AS_Rifi) @HIDEnSEEK06 7 years ago I was really excited for this. But somehow the trailer isn't up to the mark. I expected much better than this...
HR seems a more Hollywood actor to me..especially for his eyes.
Well can't comment on the base of a single trailer only..
Will watch the movie for HR & i'm quite convinced that I'll get to watch some awesome acting here.
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Atharva Dev @*Dev.* 7 years ago Mohanjo Daro the place and its civilization attract me more and I have read so many things about it, so I'm going to watch the movie for it. Hope everything else in the movie is realistic.
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pallavi @pallavi_bs 7 years ago you nailed it right
pointed out correctly
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