Towards A Woke Sisterhood: Celebrating Reel & Real Women of Other Kind!

We at the style desk believe that there is an inherent need to expand the definition of womanhood, one that is not colored by the lens of gender and perhaps a bit more inclusive in nature…


What makes a woman? Is our definition of a woman rooted in gender and the pronouns ascribed to it viz she and her. We at the style desk believe that there is an inherent need to expand the definition of womanhood, one that is not colored by the lens of gender and perhaps a bit more inclusive in nature. Just like fashion has never been about gender, in-fact it means gender-expansive, gender-forward, and is about quashing gender silos and conventions by looking beyond.

While the fashion of 2020 is inclusive, diverse and woke than it was ever before, shouldn't Women's Day also be embracing everybody that wants to be included in her tribe? We think it definitely should. Inclusive, accepting and perhaps be forging newer sisterhood with it. Therefore this women's day, we are honoring women of a different kind, one's who are biologically born in other bodies, or have essayed such characters in their reel-life. While few actors in the list identify themselves as male and female biologically and have essayed just the character of a trans-person, their contribution couldn't be overlooked in starting a broader dialogue and establishing themselves as an ally. 

Note: Everyone on this list is stylish -not only from outside but from inside too.

Making a rare move on the mainstream Indian Television is Rubina Dilaik for Shakti.. Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki. With her demure and docile persona, Rubina wins this unconventional role.

Shagun Pandey as Mastani in Tujhse Hai Raabta. After portraying an array of character in the show, Shagun has now effortlessly slipped into this role.

Kubbra Sait's portrayal as Kuckoo, a trans woman, earned her tons of accolades and created a path-breaking role in the digital world.

Singer and actor, Alex Newell as Unique Adams in the American musical drama, Glee. Alex sure goes down in history for his portray in the award winning show.

One of the most popular trans women on television, Isis King. Isis was the first of it's kind to battle it out on America's Next Top Model. They/Ze truly deserved to be there! 

Denis O' Hare popularly known for his role Liz Taylor in American Horror Story. Denis who is gay effortlessly portrays the role of a decked up hotel employee.

How are you empowering sisterhood in your life? 

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below...

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Rubina Dilaik Kubbra Sait Shakti... Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii 

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