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Top Ten Bloopers of 2008

Hello Friends Welcome to our POTW Special... Let's revisit some of the Most hilarious, rib tickling and phunny.. moments of 2008 with Telly Buzz and POTW Team !


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As we head towards the second week of 2009, we bring you a compilation of the Funniest Moments of Pick of the Week , in the year 2008. Special Thanks to the Development Team of India-Forums for their Support and Input!


Top Ten Bloopers of the year 2008! 


Kya Dil Mai Hai...

Kakoon has been thrown out of her house as she got married without the consent of his Dadu(which should have been her Nanu) and to prove herself right, she goes on a mission to search her Love, and boards a train to Amritsar to find Anuraag..

1. Anuraag Left Kolkata saying he is going to Mumbai, so why did Kakoon go to Amritsar to bring him ?
2. Anuraag works in an International news Agency named Channel 7 which has its head office in Amritsar and not in any Metro of India?? Is anything left to be said..over to you all!
3. In the Engagement ceremony, Kakoon starts dancing when Naina asked her to sing, and when she has been asked to dance in the past,she sang.. This is one confused soul out there.
4. The new entrant in the show, knows everything about the past of Kakoon, even when he is a stranger to her ! Who told him everything..Scriptwriter? 

Banoo Main Teri Dulhan..

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When Sagar is shown licking a lollipop, the size of it keeps changing from small to again a new lollipop. All of a sudden arises a new lollipop in his hand. Bottom line, how many of them did he gulp thro’out the scene? The Mobile number which was given on the posters with contact number given below, the number starts 982, but in Delhi the number always starts with 981, as 02 is the code of Mumbai, and not Delhi's! They are still confused where they are living . Please decide soon, good for your TRP's which is falling like never before!


Ayesha burns her own car in the hospital parking area to destroy all evidence against her, but nobody stops her from doing so, and there wasn’t any witness around as well! With population over a Billion we dont have any witness in the parking area of a big Hospital! Note of caution for creatives, don’t go over board with things!


Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu thi..

Now Viranis are back to Shantiniketan. But have you all ever seen or noticed a single day when there is Peace or shanti in Shantiniketan? Well, lets not go astray and stick to our business.
Now as Viranis are back to their Mansion with strategies to deal fire with fire against Trupti, few unanswered/obvious questions are..

1. Why did they not take this route before or were they waiting for Vijay’s brains?
2. How did they get money all of a sudden to spend on everyone’s clothes, and even in the decoration of Shantiniketan?
3. They were discussing as how to uproot Trupti in Shantiniketan after storming into the house? So practically they've entered Shantiniketan without any plan!
4. Who pays for Karan's mobile Phone bills, Vijay again?
Now, We all want to have one Vijay in our Lives !


They are confused where they live Chandigarh, Amritsar or Ropar as they keep juggling across these cities. Let's be safe and say they are from Punjab, but that puts another doubt in our mind as Flights, trains are getting delayed in this part of country due to cold and fog, but somehow actors of this show are not sporting a single woolen clothing; they are still in their cotton kurtas, chiffon sarees and shirts, may be they are from the superhero family of "The Incredibles" acting in the afternoon daily of Star Plus.


Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyan..

During the Bhavishya Death sequence, all the "betiyan" of Garodiya family gathered around in a cave to give the evil Bhavishya a befitting end ! This was followed by some fiery dialogues following which they burnt him!! But we are still wondering how could a storm come inside a cave?? That too, with dry leaves flying all over and bells of the temple ringing on their own! Maybe the divine intervention or director's intervention! Choose your side!


Choona Hai Aasman...

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When Sameera goes to see Abhi, on getting the call from Shikha she gets surprised to see Abhi all well. Shikha tells Sam that she forgot her cell phone at home, hence she can never make a call and leaves the place in anger and blames Sam for conspiring against them. To stop Shikha, Abhi dials her number and says come-on Shikha pick up the Phone...wait a sec, a moment ago Shikha herself said that she forgot her phone, so whose number Abhi was dialing ? Maybe there is another angle to this Triangle, or simply could be the Tale of Confused Screenplay writers..but as it got our Award, so Happy Ending!!

Kahaani Ghar Ghar ki..

Garima is making ladoos for Adi in the kitchen, when in comes Chaya bua excitedly. She eats a ladoo and then spits it out, claiming it is foul. Minutes later, Adi enters and thanks bua for letting him know that Garima was making ladoos for him! He eats them and enjoys them, and later we find out that Maithili had switched Garima's bad ladoos with her own good ones. What we want to know is, a) how did Chaya bua manage to tell Adi about the ladoos before she tried them herself, and b) how did Maithili switch the two plates around before Adi entered, considering that Chaya and Garima never left the kitchen, and Maithili never entered there!! Was this a blink-and-you'll-miss-it kind of a scene, or have the AG family members patented a new time travelling machine?!!



The whole Sidharth Murder was Full of Bloopers. After Sidharth's death scene, they showed he is bleeding from his head, but when they zoomed into his head, we could see any blood. Then when they show it again we can see blood, but when they zoom in there is nothing!! Tale of Disappearing Blood stains! Then again when Naina and Shreya wrap Sidharth in the blanket we can see him moving his arm, Dead man Walking! May be he has turned into a Ghost far too soon!

Dharti Ka Veer Yodha - Prithvi Raj Chauhan..

When Prithvi asks villagers the way to the village Mandvi, villagers guide him through and in return Prithvi replies "Shukriya". Now Shukriya is a Urdu word while Prithvi Raj Chauhan was a Hindu ruler ! So how come he uttered the word "Shukriya" even before getting to the Mughal Empire? As Mughal Dynasty started way after Prithvi Raj Chauhan.

Hope you all enjoyed the ride down the ! Start  your New year with a Hearty Laugh! Keep Laughing and Keep Looking for Bloopers !

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sujoy_bose 10 years ago LOL :)2009-09-04 04:15:33
Little Foot
Little Foot 11 years ago Hihi.....I never noticed that with the number of Delhi and Mumbai.. =)
But I know that they got the car number always right, haha.
isha_love_SRK 11 years ago great aticle i like most about Grihasthi
that funny that part most make me l
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this is a great article..=) 11 years ago thanks, some are funny lol
IN BMTD lol the lollipop keeps changing the size, i can''t belive they did not notice it lol
Jasmine... 11 years ago LMAO
the sagar and the kyunki ws damn funny!!!
enjoyed reading!!hahaha
xXxrachnaxXx 11 years ago Thanks.........4 out of 10 are ekta''s
harpkaur 11 years ago Hlarious:D:D,,,,oh man dis iz awsome..where is kasam se?
maheen55 11 years ago very happy to see the list thank God kumkum is not included.
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but i think it should b more longer
anways thanks 4 sharing
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