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#TomHollandIsCancelled Party Trends, Read Why

Why is Tom Holland being cancelled? our guess is because people are really bored.


Just in the past few weeks, we've seen the "cancellation" of Demi Lovato, Adam Driver, and Cole Sprouse. The latest to be thrown on the list? None other than our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, Tom Holland. 

Imagine Tom's surprise when he found out he was cancelled and quite literally the only thing he did today was post a snowboarding video.

Why would someone want to cancel Tom Holland? What could he possibly have done? 

Demi was cancelled when her finsta was supposedly leaked and showed her mocking Selena Gomez. Adam was cancelled because an old interview resurfaced and some claimed that his comments in the interview were anti-Muslim. Cole Sprouse was accused of racism, cheating, and abusing his ex-girlfriend. 

In Cole's case, it seems like the trend was started by bored people, but other people hopped on to say that the cancellation was rooted in some deep issues. And in Adam's case, it looked like his cancellation was started by Star Wars fans who really did not like Kylo Ren, but, again, people hopped on to point out deeper issues.

But in this case, no one can figure out why Tom Holland is being cancelled. 

After looking into it and scrolling through twitter for hours, to find anything that people might be using as a reason for cancellation. There came up with two instances that upset people in the past. 

In June 2019, when Tom was the cover story for Icon Magazine, he said, "As I did ballet, people thought it was gay. And what if I am? I'm not gay, but what does it matter? For me, doing ballet was an opportunity to spend two hours a day in a studio with 30 girls in tights." Apparently, since he said that he enjoyed looking at the girls, people found it sexist.

In 2017, while being interviewed in South Korea, Tom told an interviewer that he spoke English well and asked how he learned. Unfortunately for him, he was unaware that the interviewer was actually Korean-American and some people found his question racist.

One user with the handle @pattinstoned took credit for starting the hashtag. Her initial post included a fan cam of Brad Pitt. The tweet that went along with the video was a quote taken from Lili Reinhart. 

On May 1, 2020, when Cole Sprouse was being cancelled, Lili hopped on Twitter to not only defend her boyfriend but to tell people to stop cancelling people out of boredom, calling the action "bullying".

@pattinstoned later posted again to say that she wanted to expose who started it and then took credit herself. @pattinstoned has contacted Distractify to clarify further that she was not the only one who came up with #TomHollandIsOverParty.

According to @pattinstoned and one of her collaborators @fiqhtclvb, the idea came from a Brad Pitt group chat. Not only that, but the group has also taken credit for starting the #ColeSprouseIsOverParty trend as well.

Overall, though, fans are claiming that, at the end of the day, subsets of "Film Twitter" are to blame for getting the hashtag trending. 

Check out tweets by fans below:


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