Today's newcomers come with a lot of attitude- Aniruddh Dave

Tellybuzz in talks with actor Aniruddh Dave...

Aniruddh Dave who is playing the rough and tough Indu Singh in Hemal Thakkar's Ruk Jaana Nahin on Star plus speaks about his career and life.

what have you to say about your character 'Indu Singh?
Indu singh is a character that every actor would love to play. I consider myself fortunate to have got this role. Very few actors get an opportunity to play such a performance-oriented role. I am grateful to Producer Hemal Thakkar for giving me this opportunity to showcase my talent.

How is it been working with co-star Pooja Sharma?
Pooja Sharma is a good performer. For an actor, the "give and take" factor during performance is one of the biggest factors and she does good work. The best part is that she believes in rehearsals. Today very few actors believe in that.

How important is it to get a right role?

Sometimes it becomes difficult. But I feel one should be very choosy about work. Whatever is written for you cannot be snatched. There are many contenders, but the one with talent will always win.

How has been your experience till date?
I have always been blessed with good actors and the best directors of the industry. Raajkumar Aaryyan, Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki, Mera Naam Karegi Roshan, Phulwa and now Ruk Jaana Nahin. I have always done good pivotal and meaty roles, despite television being the medium of females. But I have been able to make it mine! Today right from a spot boy to the producer – everyone loves me because I believe in team work and giving respect to everyone. One should be down to earth. Unfortunately, today's newcomers come with a lot of attitude, I don't know why.

What have you to say about producers Hemal Thakkar and Paresh Rawal (Play Time Creation)?
The production house is fantastic in their work approach and is quite organized. Hemal Thakkar is a hand on producer and a through professional. Paresh Rawalji is a fantastic actor. It's an honor to work for his production house.

Your personal front in life?

I feel that one should not blow his own trumpet when it comes to relationships. I was in a relationship; but don't want to share any details till I tie the knot!

A say on your changed look?
It was required because of the character I am playing.

You are passionate about?
I am a pet lover. Since childhood, one can learn a lot from them. As an actor I observe them and learn a lot. It may sound weird, but whenever I am shooting I like to be surrounded by animals – cats and dogs! If and when I become a millionaire, I will open a veterinary center for them.

Have you ever faced a 'Fan' encounter?

So many 'fan' encounters I have been through. But once an eunuch came up to me while I was waiting at a red signal and instead of asking for money, told me that I act really well. I was touched.
Your Philosophy for life?
Work is worship. Destiny and fortune are very important.  Work hard and live life merrily.

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Comments (25)

U r simply awsum Aniruddh Dave..keep rocking..RJK has js 1 thng n dtz indu singh

11 years ago

U r an AMAZING Actor...luv ur role as Indu Singh...keep up the good work...

12 years ago

U look great with or without a kurta...heehehhehe...

12 years ago

Anirudh ... how you manage to change your expressions so fast and with perfection...Love u ...

12 years ago

your performance are amazing.. you just rock... AD LOVE YOU YAAR... you are amazing actor and human

12 years ago

It seems that u r very down to earth person and very attached to your immediate family... love u ...

12 years ago


12 years ago

Anirudh dave ... i watch ruk jaana nahi all because of you... you are good actor, your voice is lovely ... keep entertaining. Hope someday you will be in top 5 actors. All the best.

12 years ago

love you as Indu Singh ! totally an adorable character even with than angry and crazy temper !!!

12 years ago

Though Indu Singh would b a meaty role for any actor , yet in d hands of Mr Dave this character gains in complexities , which very few other actor could have imparted to it. Rather than being a mere cardboard character , Indu is palpably Human - with more shades of Grey in him than just Black n White ... and it is to AD's credit that he makes it all look so authentic ... the triumph of an Actor !!!

12 years ago

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