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To spread awareness about CANCER,Emraan Hashmi is making a Documentary

Emraan Hashmi, who has penned in a book his struggle around his son Ayaan's cancer treatment, has now started working on a documentary on cancer.


As known to all, Emraan Hashmi's son, Ayaan fought a tough battle with cancer. His family has faced a tough time during the treatment of his son. Revealing about their emotional journey, Emraan had penned down a book his struggle around his son's cancer treatment.

Now, he has started working on a documentary on cancer that is at its initial stage.

"Work on a docu on cancer has begun. It's in its initial stages. It's important to create awareness about the C word," Emraan tweeted on Sunday.

Ayaan Hashmi, born in February 2010, is the the first child of Emraan and wife Parveen Shahani. The young boy was diagnosed with first stage cancer at the age of four in the initial months of 2014.

To help raise awareness about the disease and share their story, last year, Emraan came out with a book titled "The Kiss of Life: How A Superhero and My Son Defeated Cancer". It chronicles his career, family, the birth of his son, cancer and treatment thereafter.

According to reports, the documentary is tentatively titled "The C Word".


Emraan Hashmi

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A HUGE FAN 3 years ago What a great father and actor, bringing an important awareness!
khushboo_kzk 3 years ago Well done emraan sir. I really appreciate it your awarness towards cancer.
jasmeet92 3 years ago He Is Such A Real Life Hero. His Step To Spread Awareness About Cancer Is Really Appreciated :)
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