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Tina - Hussain on an adventurous journey...

The duo are all set to come with with their blog E-Adventure on India-Forums...


Hussain and Tina Kuwajerwala, one of the loved couples of television launch their official blog on India-Forums today, and on this occasion the duo chat with Telly Buzz on the blog, their fans, life after Kumkum and much more..

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What was the reason for doing a blog?
Hussain: The reason for blogging is my fans. With this we can take this level of friendship forward. We have not been able to talk or interact with them directly, and it feels bad as they have given so much to us. It's due to them that we won Nach Baliye. We feel it's our turn now to give them something though our blog; this is one way in which we welcome them in our lives.

Why did you choose India-Forums?
Hussain: It's through this online portal that we have got good feedback for my acting as well as hosting. Even though the feedback got is 90% positive and 10% on critical lines, both are welcome. I have got huge response through India-Forums, though others sites too give us.

Tina: We chose India-Forums for blogging, also because it's the site where I had my first interaction with our fans. I remember receiving an SMS from the owner of this company just during Nach Baliye that there are lots of wishes from fans and we read it if possible. I read that and then every time after our rehearsals, I used to see those comments and get motivated. My journey with fans started here, and thus we decided to present our blog on India-Forums.

Hussain: Not only us, but there are many who watch out for a feedback on India-Forums. It's a very popular site amongst all actors.

Hussain has a huge female fan following. How was the feeling when you have passed each and every message coming from fans to him, Tina?
Tina: Yes I used to give him all the messages that I came across on the forum, whether it be from a 12 year old girl or 14.  The funny thing was that they used to call me Tina Di, but used to apologize after telling me that they wished to marry Hussain (smiles). Of course we don't take it seriously as this is the phase of infatuation and we have also gone through it. Most of his fans wanted Hussain to either marry Juhi Parmar or Shraddha Nigam as he was seen with them on screen, but now everyone is happy in their own lives. Initially I was hurt but I used to tell Hussain everything.

Hussain: One needs to be mature and understand all this as such things happen in the life of celebrities. 

Tina: Actually even I was jealous of Gauri, not Hiten-Gauri, but SRK's wife Gauri so I can totally relate (grins).

Hussain: May it be any actor from SRK to Hrithik, everyone can relate to it somewhere down the line. What ever is yours is yours; nobody can take it from you; then why should one be insecure about it? I feel this is the love of our fans and it's their way to show it. There is no harm in that.

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Why did you choose the theme of adventure in your blog?
Hussain: Basically the blog will have all the information that you want to know about us. We will be showing you our lives, and something about us that you don't know. We thought of presenting it in a different manner so that it comes across as more entertaining. When you come to our blog, it should entertain you rather than you open a link and get a moon log. Here we have categorized everything like Horse back riding where we will take you to our entire journey from childhood to school, college, marriage and Nach Baliye, so you will be riding it with us.

Surfing is another section which will have our favorite moments. It will consist of our pictures of marriage and honeymoon, some personal pictures that we haven't shared so far. Somewhere we were feeling that our fans deserve to know that too.

River rafting is the ups and downs of our lives, the moments that we have not liked and have been sad. There will also be the moments that have given us joy and happiness. Then there is diving, skating and Tina's favorite Snow Tubing.

Tina: Basically Snow Tubing is the information that fans don't have about us. In Hussain's term it is called khufiya khabar.

Hussain: It's sansani, today's fresh news(smiles).

Tina: Ya, it will be like I write something about Hussain without his knowledge, which is not known to his fans. When Hussain logs on to the blog he will come to know of it. He is going to do the same with me. This is a little twist in our E-Adventure.

Hussain: I am sure everyone will like it and I request our fans on India-Forums to read it and comment on it.

Who is more adventurous in personal life, Hussain or Tina?

Hussain: What kind of adventure??

Tina: Hussain is more adventurous. I have done only one adventure and that is bungee jumping. It was during our honeymoon; I went till the edge and came back. That's also a long story as I was scared because my mom had narrated many stories about bungee that had made me nervous. I chose to do it, but then backed out. But yes if you tell me to do river rafting or rappelling I will readily do it. Having said this, I am scared of everything, height, water etc.

Hussain: I have to convince her for every little thing. I repeat the same thing so many times, that I tend to lose my energy. Then she says that girls are princess, as though we are laborers.

Tina: Girls are princess as we are born to be treated like that.

Hussain: So we are born to be majdoors??

Tina: Ya

How has life changed after Kumkum?
Tina: At this juncture, I would like to tell all that I have been sharing him for 12 long years, so I would want his fans to spare him for me for some more time. Hussain will tell you about his forth coming career options, but let him be with me for at least six more months..

Hussain: I have been very fortunate that I met people who helped me a lot and believed in me. I never thought of anchoring but when I started doing it, I did not want to stop. I feel as though I am spending my summer holidays now. I have got this chance after a long time so my holidays will be lasting bit longer. About my career there are plans, but I would not like to talk about it as of now.

Now that Hussain is at home, has your daily routine changed?
Tina: Ya it has changed completely. Now whatever I do is only for Hussain. If he doesn't have any meetings, then I have to make sure that I am at home. We have started doing things that we haven't done since long time like watching movies together, going swimming, playing badminton etc. Whenever Hussain used to get time, he would be beside me, but we never got a chance to do all this earlier. My routine has definitely changed and is revolving all around him.

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Are there any chances of you taking up acting or hosting?
Tina: I really don't know as it depends upon offers. As of now I feel that I would be a very bad actor as I don't think I can act. Alongside I don't want to be cruel to the viewers and to the director and producer who have to go thro' all the agony.

Hussain: I am sure people will love you and accept you, if you want to do it.

Tina: That's not the case as I also have to think about them when they think so much about me.

Hussain: Let them decide na!!

Tina: Before that I need to decide right (laughs). As of now there are no plans.

Are there any plans to start your family?
Tina: Yes it is the next phase in any married couple's life. We are planning to start family in one or two years. As Hussain says, this topic has become a joke when we meet our friends, Sharad-Kirti, Sai-Shakti, Shilpa-Apoorva.. The guys are in their own corner, laughing and cracking jokes and in another corner we sit and have serious talk about starting a family. We ask each other whether they are planning next year or not. It's become a joke actually, and the men call it group family planning.

Hussain: I would not say anything as you have said everything.

Any message to your fans on India-Forums?
Hussain: First of all we are very sorry that we have started the blog bit late. I would just tell them that what ever you couldn't ask till now, you can by coming up on our blog. We are sure you will enjoy and do keep in touch.

Tina: I am also sorry that I was not able to keep in touch with you all, as I have been busy with my work and with Hussain being at home. Now I promise to get back and will see you all on blog. Thanks for being there with us.

For Telly Buzz Exclusive Video Interview of Hussain and Tina, CLICK HERE
Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi


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surakshita 11 years ago loved the fun element in this interview that keeps us geared for the adventure that lies in your blog

definitely criticisms/feedbacks is needed for a quicker growth. if it needs a change assimilate it within. If a change isnt necessary just stock it for further use, if a changed is necessary.

and best wishes, that HuJu (err Hussain Juhi) dosti always flourish and never wither away as days goes by to take the brunt, brickbats and the love too that comes as a package in a gheri dosti

now here could well say an awesome dosti 6 i.e. 3 of you (Hussain, Juhi, Shraddha) and your spouses

HuTi, Wishing you both for your future assignments, that we all are eagerly waiting for, another 6 months to go, definitely will chillax till then
coorg.japan 11 years ago Just saw their blog.
Hussain and Tina looks awesome as always.......
Missing Hussain in his shows and looking forward for new shows..........

Good luck
maheen55 11 years ago thanks for the interview . best Blog among all artists .
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A very sweeet intv by HuTi
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lovely_lady 11 years ago thanks!
i cant wait for their blog!
they are my favourite couple..
also, i think that hussian looks best with tina..
they compliment each other =)
surveen_kapoor 11 years ago awwwwwwwww... shukr hai dekhne ko mile... esp. my jaanu hussain muaaa! just waiting for this blog BADLY!!! wish u all the veryy best

love u tina nad hussain :-P

q1q1q 11 years ago its such a funny & lovely interview...loved their answers..

I would like to tell all that I have been sharing him for 12 long years, so I would want his fans to spare him for me for some more time - tina has said this sooo beautifully....

she says that girls are princess, as though we are laborers- ha ha ha hu is so cute & funny...
preethi 11 years ago thnks tellybuzz fr this
humm just love them
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