Tina Datta opens up on shooting for rain sequence inspite of bad health

The upcoming episode will see a romantic rain sequence between Surilli and Shivendra. Read on to know more.

- By "Team India Forums"
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After her Bigg Boss stint, Tina Datta is currently seen in Sony TV's Hum Rahe Na Rahe where she ecently shot a rain sequence. The upcoming episode will see a romantic rain sequence between Surilli and Shivendra. India Forums got in touch with Tina to know about the rain sequence shooting. 

She said, "So I was already sick and down with a fever, and then it wasn't even 48 hours, and I came for the shoot, and today is my third consecutive night. So honestly, it is not easy to shoot a rain sequence; imagine 12 to 14 hours you are constantly drenched, like drenched. And after you get dry and then again, you know you're completely drenched in the water again. Hence, it's not easy to do a rain sequence, especially in a daily soap and Umergaon temperatures, which are very different in Bombay, say it's a little colder and jungle. 

Also, shooting with the artificial wind as well, where they call for storm fans and everything. Now imagine you're drenched, and then there's wind and everything. So it gets very, very difficult to shoot. But again, as they all say, the show must go on. So here I am shooting every day, and all I can say is this new sequence that is coming up is one of my mind-blowing, and people are gonna love watching this because it's got different. Angle to a different twist, to a different flavour to it and overall the way it's being shot, execution-wise and everything, it's gonna turn out to be really nice.

Apart from Tina Datta, the show stars Jay Bhanushali in the lead role and is made under Swastik Productions. The show talks about a rich family with a strong matriarch who is not fond of changes, claiming them to ruin the age-old foundation of traditions.