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Tina Datta is responsible for creating the Sumbul- Shalin love angle in ‘Bigg Boss 16’: Imlie’s Gaurav Mukesh

Gaurav Mukesh extends support to Sumbul Touqeer for ‘Bigg Boss 16’.

Published: Wednesday,Oct 12, 2022 08:48 AM GMT-06:00
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Imlie, Sundar and Tina

Bigg Boss 16 is getting quite interesting. The contestants are slowly and steadily coming out of their comfort zones and going all out in the game. Until now, Sumbul Touqeer Khan and Shalin Bhanot’s equation has been the talk of the house. Fans on social media are also often seen discussing about their bond. 

While the members of the house were subtly discussing about Shalin and Sumbul’s equation, Tina Datta upfrontly asked Shalin Bhanot about his feelings for Sumbul. This made Shalin a bit conscious and he stopped spending a lot of time with Sumbul, which he initially did. Shalin’s changed behavior and the group members not giving preference to her made her weak. She was seen weeping and breaking down a couple of times.

India Forums got in touch with Gaurav Mukesh who is an integral part of Sumbul’s show ‘Imlie’. Sumbul looks up to Gaurav as a brother figure. We asked Gaurav about Sumbul’s game play in the show. He said, “I’ve not followed the previous season but since Sumbul is a part of the show, I had to follow it. It’s too soon to judge Sumbul’s game play. Initially, I didn’t see her game plan as such but since last two episodes, I feel she has really buckled up and she is putting her views strongly”.

When asked about Sumbul’s emotional breakdown in the show, Gaurav added, “Honestly, I was also shocked to see her break down. I understand she’s young and new in this phase but I’d want her to be strong and not cry. She has it in her to play a good game”.

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We asked Gaurav about Shalin and Sumbul’s love angle which is established in the show. He said, “Well, it’s very obvious for a person to connect well with the opposite sex. Even I connect well with my female cofactors, that doesn’t mean that I’m falling for them. In every project one takes up, they get close to one or two people on the sets and for Sumbul, she found that comfort in Shalin and thus they bonded but I feel the love angle is forced and is established only inside the house. If something really develops between them then there’s another topic altogether”.

He added, “I feel this is a forced angle majorly created by Tina Datta. Why is she so concerned about what’s brewing between Shalin and Sumbul? I feel she has feelings for Shalin but is quite manipulative to hide the same from everyone.”

To conclude, Gaurav said, “Sumbul is lagging behind in playing the mind games and once she gets her game on point, she’ll surely get ahead in the game”.

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melodyofflowers 6 months ago True. She is the one who raised it and now having problem with sumbul. Despo woman
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naadanmasakalli 7 months ago show main kuch kia nahi ab tak except being chep to shalin but PR overactive hui padi hai mehhh
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LoLo 8 months ago Nice of him to support her, but I hope she’s out soon. This is not the place for her.
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Lins_Love 8 months ago Good to see the support from gautam:) sumsum play ur own game..wishing u all the best👍 😍 watching bb only for u
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shwetha85 8 months ago Please DO NOT blame others. Sumbul was the one who started with the back and front hugs and always keeps roaming behind this guy like a tail. So dont blame others for what actually she started. Others will obviously play the game. Sumbul is no doodh ki duli and it is very evident now what she is in real - attention seeker
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