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Tina & Shalin's love angle is completely fake: Sreejita De post her eviction from Bigg Boss 16

Sreejita De, who was eliminated from the Bigg Boss 16 house tonight got in an exclusive conversation with India Forums and spoke about her journey in the show, her equation with Tina Datta, her fall out with Gori Nagori and Manya Singh and a lot more.

Published: Saturday,Oct 15, 2022 17:39 PM GMT-06:00
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Sreejita De, Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot

In a shocking turn of events, Sreejita De's stint in the Bigg Boss 16 house has come to an end and has left the audience as well as the contestants of the show stunned. Well, post her eviction, the actress got in an exclusive conversation with India Forums and spilled some beans about her journey in the show and a lot more. 

Your eviction from the show is indeed a very shocking one. How shocked were you when Salman Khan announced your elimination yesterday?

Well, I am still not able to sink in this eviction. I am still in denial. My body is out here but my soul is still in the Bigg Boss house. Obviously, I am very shocked. My journey has been very short, something I honestly did not expect. When Salman Sir announced my name, I was sitting in between Nimrit and Gautam and both of them were not allowing me to get up from my place. You know, I can sense people very well and I can tell you everybody was shocked including Gori. 

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What do you think went wrong in your journey that you failed to garner love from the audience of the show?

I think it was my fallout with Gori Nagori. The entire incident was stretched unnecessarily and was also wrongly conceived by the audience of the show. Had that incident not happened, I would not have been nominated and hence I would not have been evicted from the show too.

Do you despise Gautam Vig for his decision of nominating you?

Not at all. I am sure he was compelled to take my name and that he was in a dilemma. 

After your fallout with Gori Nagori, Bigg Boss too went ahead to call the incident discriminatory and hence asked Gautam to punish four people. Do you think your choice of words went against you?

In the previous seasons of the show, far more worse things have been said by the contestants. However, previous seasons were different from this season. But all I am trying to say is that whatever I told Gori was only on the basis of her gesture. That when I questioned her, I did not mean to target her school or college or upbringing. India is looked upon for its values and culture all over the world. And honestly, in that situation, I felt our values were brought down by that gesture of Gori, something I have never witnessed in my life. I think it was absolutely below the belt. Had I been so arrogant, I would not have practised yoga with her in the initial few days of the show, or I would not have asked her to teach me dance, I would not have hugged her if I believed any of these ideas that the audience has been perceiving about me merely based on that situation. 

Tina Datta too was nominated by Gautam after your feud with Gori. However, Tina went ahead to call you a 'panauti' and said that just because she took a stand for you, she was nominated. What are your views on this statement by Tina? And like questioned by Bigg Boss too, what equation do the two of you share?

I think what kind of bond we share was quite evident in the show. A lot of people tried to poke or instigate me to speak against her, however I never said a word. All i said everytime I was questioned on my bond with her was that our vibes dont match. I know her for the past 10 years and all I ever said was that I am aware of how things will unfold in the show. But she did not do the same. Infact, she tried to create a ruckus all the time because I feel she is insecure. Talking about her taking a stand for me, no one asked her to. I have always taken a stand for myself. All she was doing when that incident between me and Gori took place was, sitting around the kitchen and shaking her legs. Whatever she said was her own opinion. I never asked her to take a stand for me. I can take a stand for myself and the audience too must have understood this in the past 14 days. She was nominated because of her own opinions not because she took a stand for me.

Sreejita, Tina and Shalin's growing closeness has been creating a lot of buzz. You have witnessed all this first hand. What are your views on the love angle between Tina and Shalin?

Well, because I have witnessed this, I think it is all a game. All they are thinking is that if they create a love angle they will be seen in the show. 

What are your thoughts on Sreejita De's elimination and her journey in the show? Let us know in the comments below.

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AWolfAndParrot 3 months ago I agree about shalin and Tina love angle being fake
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LoLo 3 months ago Sreejita didn’t really leave an impression on me. She won’t be missed by me. I hope Sumbul is next!
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