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Tick your brain cells with the picture Twister

To liven up our TeleBuzz section and bring in a bit more activity, we invite you all to tap your visual reasoning power to decipher this twister.

You all  must have tried your hand atleast once at "Tongue Twister" but what about Picture? confused well dont be..as from today we are starting  a new contest  at Telly Buzz called.."Picture Twister"
Simple you just have to spot the Two Actors hidden behind this "Morphed Picture",to know the answer tune in to Telly Buzz Next week!
 PM your entries to BuzzingBees
Three random winners will be picked and their names displayed.
Get your specks on and happy spotting!!
TellyBuzz management team.
Creative idea: Nishtha.
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Neetusxm 2007-08-22T16:12:27Z vidya balan and AD shud be a good watch...gr8 article
urcrazy 2007-07-15T00:53:20Z I guess one is Bhim Dev n no idea about others
Iqbal Neha1
Iqbal Neha1 2007-06-18T10:03:22Z i think its rohit roy but dnt know da oder half
~*!Ripi!*~ 2007-06-16T20:28:27Z no fun now since people posted the answer so i won't send it in
illuminated. 2007-06-16T20:20:23Z PMed it to the ID!

DONOT post answers here guys!!
CrazyNoori 2007-06-16T16:11:28Z Don post answers aint fair and no fun i no who it is and pmed so gud luck to everyone who takes part

Luvz ya

Luv Noori Hussain
Rime 2007-06-16T15:51:45Z the chin is rohit roy's
but top.....???? not too sure
tumhari? 2007-06-16T14:09:37Z rohit roy and chetan hansraj.
awesome idea.
Tara_K 2007-06-16T12:40:12Z will surely participate but i guess some people were good enough to provide us the answers already
Nishtha 2007-06-16T08:51:36Z please do not post the answers here , send them to the id provided
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