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Thrilling Drama which uses F-bombs for success yet grasps attention!

Experience the surreal 'Power (2014)' which lies in the details, conversational and visual...


'Power' is a series which features the life of married nightclub owner/major drug dealer James 'Ghost' St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) as he starts thinking of leaving his life of crime. 

The series has been executed well as the actors have done justice to their characters which plays a vital role in establishing a grasp over the season. However, the formula for its success is simple- a muscle-y tall black male with a limited vocabulary proves his toughness early on before revealing a side of himself not welcomed by his single-minded peers. He wants out of the game, but he can't admit to anyone - not even himself - that why he's scared to try. Seems way too obvious right? But, there's a catch, it is the story which attracts you to move forward for the second season.

While the story might be obvious, but on the contrary, the overall execution of the series is a bit extravagant. The background score and the overall theme of the series is what one should look out for.

'Power' is the kind of show that uses f-bombs to emphasize a point, hoping to sound tough but coming off as ignorant instead. The characters might have overdone a bit - as they tend to laugh at things that aren't funny, perhaps trying to convince us that whatever story is being told is actually more humorous than we understand. It's a one-dimensional drama, joining Starz's growing collection of forgettable original programming.          

Ratings- 3.5/5

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