This Television actor to get Married to a Super Model!

The actor is all set to begin a new chapter in his life..

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Currently starring in & TV's 'Waaris', actor Siddhant Surryavanshi is all set to begin a new chapter in his life. The actor is all set to get engaged to model, Alesia Raut on April 21.

The couple met a couple of months ago in February through a friend and that meeting transpired into many other meetings resulting in the union of togetherness.

We contacted Siddhant who spilled the beans saying, "It was like one of those sagas - if it's meant to happen, it will happen. One of our dear friends, Jaswir Kaur was one the who initiated our friendship. I am fortunate to have friends with whom I share my feelings and on same lines, I used to tell them how I am looking forward to getting settled. So once, Jaswir asked me to meet Alesia as she was a friend of hers too. 

Alesia and I instantly connected. Both of us have kids and we were looking forward to settling down, and this was perfect. Fortunately for us, our kids have bonded well with each other too."

Just after a couple of months of dating, the duo decided to get engaged and then married. When quizzed if that invited too many questions from their loved ones, he answered, "I did get a lot of that. For many people, it did seem too fast. However, we wanted to go with the flow and this seemed absolutely perfect. 

As I mentioned, we have kids and we were looking forward to settling down, where a long waiting period was not an option. There are several aspects that should be looked at and this was certainly the best decision."

The couple is set to get married by the end of this year or early 2018. We wish Siddhant and Alesia loads of congratulations!

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Comments (5)

@previous comments He changed his name to Siddhant
Hope he has a happy marriage. Keep up the good work in Waaris.

6 years ago

Hope Aliesia finds happiness..she's a good soul

7 years ago

That's Anand Suryavanshi!!!!

IF at least get the name right!!!!

7 years ago

As far as I know his name is Anand not Siddhant.
Wishing them both all the best.

7 years ago

Waar was amazing given the current standing of pakistani movies. Only thing Is they should have kept the English to a minimum

10 years ago

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