This Holi Go Glam But Don't Go Home With A Sun Burn Or Dry Hair and Skin

Take a look at the only skin and hair tips care tips you need and let the fun begin.....


Holi is fun but not for your hair and skin. And for the ones very conscious about their vanity, it is just an occasion to lock themselves in their room and use the opportunity to pamper their skin while binge watching Netflix. That said, however if you are like one of us, who love their vanity but still don't wish to miss out on all the fun then we are here to help you keep your beauty department unflawed, untouched and undamaged, while you still enjoy the vibrant colours.

We've shortlisted few tried and tested tips from style desk. These tips and tricks have helped us keep the functioning smooth in our skin and hair department. Scroll down and take a look...

Starting from top, your precious manes. They need as much TLC as the skin does, but here's a thing. Don't tie them, leave them open, that will prevent the colour from getting stuck in your hair. Also, as opposed to the age-old belief, keep the thought of oiling your hair at bay on the day of holi.

A little extra protection can go a long way. Cover your hair with a scarf if your outfit is fusion or Indian, think a turban drape, a cool bandana or simply rely on a good-old cap if your OOTD is western. 

Before heading out of the house, moisturize as much as you can. Also slather on, loads of sunscreen, if you are planing to stay out in the sun longer than you should.

An over-sized pair of sunglasses will be your best bet to guard those pretty peepers and the delicate skin around from having any colour coming in contact. 

Save that salon visit to wash down the after holi hangover. Because after all that fun, some TLC holi sure means lots of fun, however it will leave your skin hair dry, damaged and in dire need of repair. 

Last but not the least, while you keep your skin and hair protected, slay all day in a pretty white suit. 

Have fun filled but safe holi. Also, what are the skin and hair care tips you swear by? Let us know in the comments below...

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