This actress responds to a fan who ACCUSED her of FAKING her exercise

In simple yet effective words.


If you have been a fan of actress Shweta Gulati for all these years, there is one thing that you cannot help but marvel at, and that is how the actress seems to be younger with every year passing by. At 39 years old, Shweta is younger, fitter and better than any time ever.

And, if you are a fan then you mustn't have missed on following the actress on Instagram and get inspired by the several workout videos she keeps posting. Her workout sessions and evident ripped physique is an example to all out there who seem to be struggling to keep up with their fitness.

However, who would have thought that something so inspiring would also lead to negativity from the fans? In a recent post by the actress, she mentioned how in the weightlifting she is doing it is her maximum so far she was dead-lifting 90 kgs.

This was remarked by a fan who said she is faking her exercise and that it is not 90 kgs, but just 9 kgs. The person even claimed to have got the information from her trainer. This was noticed by Shweta who replied to the person, but did so in a simple yet effective manner-

It seems negativity on social media always finds a way through, isn't it?
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Shweta Gulati

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Shaina_b 2018-11-28T14:16:04Z If you don't like the celeb, don't follow him/her!!!


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