This actress joins Ashim Gulati and Tejasswi Prakash starrer!

The upcoming Star Plus show adds a new cast member...

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Star Plus will soon release an all new mythological show. The show that has been touted to be a mythological series titled Karn Sangini. We already know that its going Shashi Mittal and Sumeet Mittal production's next offering on TV. Now we hear of new additions made to the cast line-up. 

Up until now, the makers have roped in quite an ensemble with Ashim Gulati, Tejasswi Prakash, Paras Chhabra, Kinshuk Vaidya among a few other names. More recently, the show roped in a new cast member. And, it is none other than Suman Gupta. Fans might remember Suman from Afsar Bitiya on TV and her short stint on Bollywood film No One Killed Jessica. 

If sources are to be believed, she will play the role of Gandhari on the show. She will be cast opposite Yajuvendra Singh who will play the role of Dhritarashtra. 

What do you think about this latest development on the Star Plus show? Let us know in the comments below- 

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Tejasswi Prakash

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Shashi Mittal

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Kinshuk Vaidya

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Comments (7)

waiting for your show Tejasswi Prakash love you so much

5 years ago

Excited for Karn Sangini! All the best to Tejasswi Prakash, Aashim Gulati and cast!

5 years ago

Karn sangini means one more show on Karn ?

no idea why they are making back to back shows on karn ...

siddharth tiwari's suryaputra karn was a disaster in terms of story concept and acting

i hope they won't project a false story like that show ...

karna was a loyal friend of duryodhan and was equally responsible/participated in all the adharma... don't try to show him bechara and all ... jo sahi hai wahi dikhao ... ant shant chize dikhane se acha hai show banao hi mat

5 years ago

When will the show starts
I m super waiting ...
Tejasswi Prakash Is super love
My baby
Tejasswi Prakash
Tejasswi Prakash
Tejasswi Prakash
KarnSangini cast looking so appealing

5 years ago

I'm so excited especially to see Tejasswi Prakash back on tv!

5 years ago

Waiting for the promo and remaining cast names Tejasswi Prakash
karn Sangini

5 years ago

Eagerly waiting for the show to start Tejasswi Prakash

5 years ago

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