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This actor says, "'Game Of Thrones' was my SEX education."

She was barely 13 when she was enlightened by it...


Many would remember how actress, Sophie Turner aka Sansa Stark was barely 13 years old when we saw her for the first time in the HBO epic war drama, Game Of Thrones.

Little did the actress know that the show will turn out to be an 'educational' experience for her.

In a recent interview, the actress confessed on how she was totally oblivious to the jargons and mechanics of half the references made to sex in the script. She mentioned on how she learned about oral sex for the first time she read it in the script of the show. And as a 13-year-old, she wondered if people actually do that and find it fascinating?!

She also spoke on the controversial rape scene with Ramsay Bolton (Iwan Rheon) in season 5 of the show. She said that sexual assault wasn't something she or anyone close to her had experienced and hence she was insouciant about the whole saga. Once the episode went on-air, she witnessed how there was an uproar about it and how could they depict something like that on television? To that her first response was that maybe they shouldn't have put it on-screen after all.

Now that she is 21 and six seasons old in the show, Sophie has certainly been enlightened about everything, we are certain!



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