'They say I am dangerous', says Shweta Kawatra

Shweta Kawatra laughs heartily when we ask her about her bindas attitude in Current Bollywood on Sony Set Max

Shweta Kawatra's bindas attitude and unabashed bashing of the cine stars have caught quite a few in the wrong foot and on the wrong note.

"She is dangerous is what I get to hear often' chortles the spunky actress. 'I have been sent quite a few warning notes and sue letters,' the beautiful actress discloses.

Far from fazing her, this delightful anchor actually finds them to be funny as she adds gleefully, "Maybe I will frame them one day". Picture perfect, isn't it?

So was that why Saroj Khan so blunt with you on nach Baliye2? We ask wickedly. 'Don't know about Saroj Khan but I was scared of Malaika's reaction as I have bashed her sister Amrita Arora as well as her brother-in-law Salman Khan quite unashamedly in my show,' admits Shweta,' but I think she understood that I was just doing my job and that I am not really mean.'

Oh yes, we agree. Shweta is definetely a sweet person and so unlike the negative characters she portrays on screen..

'Many have come to my defense saying that after all I am just reading from the script. The truth is, I have been doing this for close to six years and still I thoroughly enjoy doing it. '

We enjoy hearing you too Shweta !!! Way to go !!

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rhea26 2007-08-13T06:21:50Z wanna c d movie....
btw tanxx a ton 4 dis article
Ms. Bholi Bhali
Ms. Bholi Bhali 2007-05-14T17:00:52Z oooooooooooh I love her, and how she talks on the show. it is just so cute. and has just the right expressions for everything she says. nothing over done!!!!!

she is one of my fav actress.

Thanks for the article!
umi82990 2007-05-14T15:23:50Z great article!!

I really love her!!
Rime 2007-05-14T14:25:02Z i love watching her show, it one of the best shows on tv
keep up the gr8 work
shahhe 2007-05-14T12:36:42Z I just love her. She is a good actress and like to see her being mean .... and her smile....Just lover her as a Pallavi. like to see her in other show......if their is any ...
glamritz 2007-05-14T10:24:00Z Oh I love watching her in Current Bollywood. She's too funny and a great anchor. I don't blame her either. She's just doing her job! That too pretty well. lol.
nsheena 2007-05-14T07:39:58Z nice article!! It aint her fault. i like hertoo!!
thnx 4 d article
diyafah 2007-05-14T03:31:10Z Wow...Minne massi awesome article [>:D<]!!
Well..yes she calls a spade a spade!!
Shez one of the bes attitude girl in telly wood!!=P
*Spandana* 2007-05-14T01:27:47Z which show is she talking about..
thannks for the article. :)
willina 2007-05-14T00:37:00Z BY THE WAY, DIDN'T THEY BUY 500 SIM CARDS TO GET THE HIGHEST NO OF VOTES!!!!!!!
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