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'These Days my Arms want to Die after Doing just 10 push-ups': Alaya F Takes Up the 50 Push-Up Challenge

Keeping at it with perseverance, Alaya F does the 50 push up challenge under the hashtag of #ChallengingAF


Actress Alaya F's own Instagram series of '#AlayaAF' is very inspiring and provides the motivational factor that the audience needs during the lockdown! She has treated the audience with a lot of short videos that urge them to utilize their time productively.

The interactive video series also helps her to stay in touch with her fans and the audience. Recently she took to her social media to take the 50 push up challenge as a part of '#ChallengingAF' with the caption:

"#ChallengingAF - 50 Push Up Challenge

There was a time in my life when I could do 46 push ups in one minute.. but these days my arms want to die after doing just 10. But since you guys chose the 50 push up challenge, I did my best??

If you guys attempt this! Upload it and use the tag #ChallengingAF so I can see it!??"

Though the actress took breaks, she did not give up on it until she was done with 50 pushups. This display of perseverance by the actress was really awe-inspiring.


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