The tale of Mahadev ke Ram unfolds on Devon ke Dev... Mahadev

Piyush Sahdev to play Maryada Purhsottam as Mihir Mishra essays Raja Dashrath

Devon ke Dev... Mahadev, a show that has crossed all realms of success and adoration, now sets upon a new tale – Mahadev ke Ram. Piyush Sahdev will be seen portraying the role of Lord Ram, along with Mihir Mishra as Lord Dashrath. Kunal Verma will be playing Lakshman and renowned actors like Anushka Singh, Manasi Vyas and Gouri Harneet Kaur will be seen essaying the roles of Sumitra, Kaikai and Kaushalya - wives of Dashrath. The show now showcases the story of the ultimate victory of good over evil through the eyes of Lord Shiva, as he paves the way for Ram to reach his goal.

Piyush said, "I am very happy to be a part of Devon ke Dev... Mahadev. From my previous roles of playing a villain to the role of cop, I have covered quite a variety, but mythological shows are something I always wanted to do. I am a devotee of Lord Krishna and I was always fascinated to play Ram or Krishna on TV. I am glad that I will be finally doing it."

As the story goes, Vishnu takes a human form in Ram in order to bring balance to the world. As a grown up Ram encounters Mahadev after making a shiv linga, he is informed that his first task is at hand. With blessings and insight from Mahadev, his mentor, Ram heads towards the jungle for this first battle. A war between Tadka and Ram is underway. It the battle that will mark him as 'Maryada Purshottam'.

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Piyush Sahdev

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Anushka Singh

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Comments (9)

I am bored!!!!!

I don't like Ramayan!!!!

10 years ago

Mahadev the show rocks! Our entire family love it especially Mohit!

10 years ago

me looking forward to the episode. mohit you are wonderful and very talented.

10 years ago

when did king dashrath become "Lord dashrath" ? :D

10 years ago

another twist in the tale to offer..!! excited to this.. :)
PS.. Ram looks lovely..!!

10 years ago

woww I am so excited for this new tale!!!

10 years ago

Welcome back to tv Mihir . .you're doing an awesome job as King Dasrath. . loving ur new avatar keep rocking!!

10 years ago

Oh I love Piyush in Shapath, he is a great actor with powerful voice.

10 years ago

kunal verma was pooja's hero on tujh sang rofl

10 years ago

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