The show has inspired me to explore and push myself: Shraddha Musale

The actor is elated to play the role of a queen in 'Mahanandini'...


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Actress Shraddha Musale who is popular for her role as a forensic officer in CID will now be seen in Siddharth Kumar Tewary's mega show Porus as queen Mahanandini.

Speaking on her role, she says,"Mahanandini is the queen of the Dasyu world, she is a fighter and an empress par excellence. The kingdom resorted to being a matriarchal society given the way this queen led her family and her people to first surviving and then thriving. Dasyu is a clan of pirates, and no catch can go unnoticed from Mahanandani's razor sharp vision. She is a consummate sword fighter, navigator and adept at martial arts."

She further adds,"Nandini is the one who gives shelter to Porus when he was young and had to face grave dangers. She takes him under her tutelage and ensures he becomes the fighter and the leader he did. Porus grows up in her kingdom and under her watch."

Speaking on her shooting experience so far she adds,"The shooting was quite exciting. Some shoot sequences happened in Khao Sok, then at the pirates ship in Pattya, and finally in Ancient City near Bangkok! The show has given me inspiration to explore and be better in every sense, expect the best from myself. I had to train in martial arts, sword fighting, rowing, and horse-riding. Subsequently, I joined MMA (mixed martial arts) to keep that enthusiasm going. I am in the top frame of mind right now."


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