The RISE and FALL of Tik Tok in India!

Google has blocked the access to Tik Tok in India to comply with govenment's order and concerns over the spread of pornographic material in the country on Tuesday.

The news of insanely popular video creating app Tik Tok being banned in India has come across as a shock to many and a sigh of relief for a few. For those who don't know yet, Google has blocked the access to Tik Tok in India to comply with govenment's order and concerns over the spread of pornographic material in the country on Tuesday. 

The Chinese-owned app claims to have approx 500 million users worldwide including more than 120 million in India and on April 3, Chennai High Court called for a ban on the app. Interestingly, neighbouring country Bangladesh has already banned Tik Tok and it has been hit with a huge fine in The United States for illegally collecting information from children.

Tik Tok addiction amongst youth

Formerly known as Musically, Tik Tok saw tremendous rise in popularity in past one year. The entertainment factor of the app cannot be denied but with it's popularity, it has become not less than an addiction for youngsters. Craving for attention, youngsters spend more and more time on the app creating and sharing videos in the hope of becoming a viral sensation and getting validation, which is frightening. Not just that, but the app has become a medium of employment too, which has led to children believing it to be the easier and more interesting way to earn money.


Well the main concern behind banning the app was spreading of pornography. Tik Tok has been blamed for extracting personal information from it's users, especially children. Tamil Nadu High Court stated that the app encourages pornography and has made child users vulnerable to sexual predators.

Celebs popular on Tik Tok

A lot of TV celebs and youtubers have made their mark through Tik Tok. TV Celebs like Jannat Zubair, Aashika Bhatia, Arishfa Khan, Avneet Kaur,  and the likes have millions of followers on the app, and a lot of people have grown famous just because of creating and sharing their videos through it like, Nagma Mirajkar, Manjul Khattar and many more.

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Aashika Bhatia

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Jannat Zubair Rahmani

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Anushka Sen

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Avneet Kaur

Comments (6)

very good step

by the way is app se 2/- shakalo wale log jinke pas 0 talent hai vo bhi 7-8-9-10-10+ million followers wale hogye hai ...

i saw some clips where unke fans bhi bn gye hai

berozgari gajab badh gyi hai india me

5 years ago

Good riddance from bad rubbish

5 years ago

Are there no real jobs these days?

5 years ago

It is good news!!!

Too much craze over it anyways!!!

5 years ago

This is good news! Bad content is ruining minds of kids. Honestly there should be adherence of parental control till when parents deem it appropriate for kids to delve into such apps. Kids don't know what is good for them, they have not seen how the world works, but there parents too. Good job to the courts for taking a good decision.

5 years ago

I am so happy lol.. RIP trash tiktok

5 years ago

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