The Rainy Songs!

BollyCurry brings to its readers those melodies with words embedded which ring the bells of monsoon in the deepest corner of one's heart.

The raindrops spattering all around, the stellar light emitted from the rainy sky at night, the surreal fragrance of the soaked mire that overpowers our senses; all of these indicate the charisma of one of the most distinct season - the Monsoon. This week, BollyCurry brings to its readers those melodies with words embedded which ring the bells of monsoon in the deepest corner of one's heart. Let's take a swift ride through these as we admire the beauty of the season.

Saavan: The word Saavan is used for the monsoon season in the hindi calendar. Just the thought of saavan fills the mind with images of water filling up the ambiance. Being one of the most common word in the songs indicating any signs of rain, saavan sure does justify season rightly. Some of the most famous songs with the word saavan are:
"Lagi aaj saavan ki phir woh jhadi hai, wohi aag seene mein phir jal padi hai" - Chandni

"Saavan ka mahina, pavan kare sor; jiyara re jhume aise, jaisa banama naache mor" -Milan
"Paigaam laya saawan, daaman se bandh jaye daaman" - Lakeer - Forbidden Lines
"Rim jhim gire saavan, sulag sulag aaye mann"  - Manzil
"Garaj baras saawan ghir aayo" - Paap
"Saavan mein lag gayi aag" - Woodstock Villa
Baarish / Barsaat: The characteristic feature which makes people fall in love with monsoons is the putter-patter of the rain water, soaking up one's soul and inciting in it a pleasant coolness. Rains are a pleasure to watch, to feel and to infuse in. The following are a few songs with baarish and barsaat:
"Teri yaadon se doori behtar hai, karti jeena yeh mushkil. Yeh who baarish hai, deti banjar hai. Bheeg ke hoga kya haasil" - Blood Money,
"Koi ladki hai, jab woh hasti hai; baarish hoti hai, chhanar chhanar chhumchhum" -  Dil To Pagal Hai
"Tip tip baarish shuru ho gayi" - Afsana Pyaar Ka
"Barsaat ke din aaye barsaat. Woh lamhe, woh baatein, thi kaisi raatein; hooo barsaatein, woh bheegi bheegi yaadein." - Zeher
"Barsaat mein thee kaha baat; aisee pehlee bar, barsee barsaat aisee" - Namal Halal
"Sun sun sun barsaat ki dhun, sun sun sun barsaat ki dhun." - Sir
Mor: Rains and peacock are BFF's (best friends forever). Like most people, peacocks also love the rainy season, and it is perhaps the best opportunity for them to flaunt off their dancing adept. These creatures celebrate the rains by opening up their hearts and feathers for all.
"Mhaare hiwda mein naache mor, tak thaiya thaiya " - Hum Saath-Saath Hain

"Morni Baaga ma bole aadhi raat ma" - Lamhe
Megha / Badal: There can be no monsoon without rain and no rain without clouds in the vast expanse of the sky. Megha, or badal; they announce the arrival of the rain, and fill up the hearts with anticipation and excitement. The songs which consist of these words are -
"Barso re megha megha, barso re megha megha, barso re megha barso." - Guru
"Kaale megha kale megha, paani toh barsao; bijuri ki talvaar nahi, boondon ke baan chalaao." - Lagaan
"Jee bhar ke bhigo de aaj mere tan ka sandal, baras ja yeh badal baras jaa" - Fareb
Paani: As necessary as the clouds are, the water is what gives the word 'rain' a real meaning. It is this water that touches our bodies, waking up every cell and atom. The water puddles forming on roads, and people splashing in them, forgetting everything around, is what sets up the scenario of a perfect rainy day.
"Tip tip barsa paani, paani ne aag lagayi." - Mohra
"Paani re paani tera rang kaisa," - Shor
Boond: Rain, in any form - other than those drops-shaped pearls - would've sucked up the beauty of the whole setup. The image of that drop of water, shining like a crystal, brings about an aesthetic environment. A few with the word boond are:
"Yeh saajish hain boondon ki, koi khwaahish hain chup chup si; dekho na dekho na,"  -Fanaa
"Boondon se baatein, bheegi bheegi bheegi jaadu bhari lamhon ki ye raatein." - Thakshak
These are just the few words and songs that made up this list here. Bollycurry leaves you to put on your thinking caps and list down your favorite monsoon word, and try to pen down as many songs as you can think of.

Writer: Pooja B.
Editors: Khushi P & Hershi J.
Graphics: Saraa K.

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