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The "Agneepath" of Multiple Films

Dharma productions is taking a step ahead now. Karan Johar, who owns the company, has decided it's time to make multiple films at a time...

Published: Tuesday,Jun 23, 2009 14:16 PM GMT-06:00
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Dharma productions is taking a step ahead now. Karan Johar, who owns the company, has decided it's time to make multiple films at a time. Earlier he was apprehensive about taking such big responsibilities and he used to make one film at a time. But now, he has decided to grow up and expand his realm.


In the recent months, KJo, was in news for buying the rights for the Julia Roberts movie, Stepmom, which of course cost him a fortune. And not only buying rights but also casting Kareena and Kajol for the mom and the stepmom's roles (originally played by Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon). His ambition has grown another notch. It has been announced that he will be re-making Agneepath, the movie whose name was originally taken from Big B's father's poem, Agneepath. This movie also had Big B in the lead role, which got him his first National Award. Along with him, there were commendable performances by Mithun Chakraborty, Danny Denzongpa and Rohini Hattangadi.


So, what will the new Agneepath have? It
The Agneepath of Multiple Films
will have the same story of course. Karan does not want to change most of the dialogs and the intense feel too. All he wants to change is a few nicks and nacks just to make it contemporary and for the GenX.

And if you are thinking that Big B's replacement will be Junior B … think again. Karan feels that Big B's character can be played perfectly by none other than Hrithik Roshan. Reports say that he has been offered to play the lead of Agneepath and he is still due to accept the offer.


Remaking Agneepath might not cost Karan as much as Stepmom did, as the original was produced by his father, Yash Johar. The story is that …Vijay Dinanath Chavan's father is implicated in a scandal and lynched by the villagers on the instigation of Kancha Cheena (played by Danny). Vijay, at a young age, takes on the responsibility of looking after his mother, and sister and in the process, he becomes a gangster. He captures Kancha Cheena and hands him over to the police...Kancha escapes sentence with lack of evidence and thus Vijay and Kancha are pitted against each other in the battle of evil vs good. (Source: IMDB)


Seems like a hard-hitting movie with loads of action and awesome dialogs.


Have you seen the movie? Please tell us about it.

And how about doing a little casting ourselves? … How about telling me whom you would cast for the roles of Big B, Mithun and Danny?

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