The Journey from Loveratri to Loveyatri; Aayush shares his experiences

Aayush learns to be optimistic after shooting for Loveyatri read the story of upcoming actor and entertainer...

From the sets of Loveyatri, Aayush speaks his heart out as the controversies rose with regards to the film's title. The actor expresses his love for the audience as he mentions they are the ones who need to enjoy the experience of Loveyatri. He feels it's for the audience 

What were your favorite movements while shooting for the film?

My favorite movement or the scene was the one we shot in London; I think that has come out pretty well. There was one shot where I feel that yes this is my film.

Could you give some insights about the film?

Loveyatri is basically a story between social-connection, it's a sweet romantic love story which has a lot of comedy it's about me being a Garba boy who lives in Baroda freshly out of college, falls in love with a girl, who is completely different from me she's from London cultures are different their beliefs are different, she's very ambitious, she has a lot of ambitions in life, while the guy is completely ambition-less.

So all those differences and yet they have fallen in love, how he finds the direction he is very firm believer of his culture very proud of who he is he goes out there to get the girl with everything that he has and wins the girl with his utmost beliefs and also becomes very serious in life he becomes a perfectionist it is about his first love you know. Where you take advice from your friends and win the girl's attention and how you take the things ahead, like how to message, what to message and what not to message, later in life everybody becomes professional.

But at that time you feel like should I do it should I not, its all about that its all about the comedy, all about the humor, its a film that will put a smile back on your face like how back in 90's you used to watch the films with all the colors and the dancing and when you come out of the theater, there is a smile back on your face.

How was your experience working with Salman sir, since this is a magnum-opus film?

For me, I believe that we started out to make a small film and it became a magnum-opus film. So it was amazing. As a mentor he has been very strict as a Guru he has been very particular in me training right and not joking around and not taking it for granted but as a producer he is very sweet he has given us an open hand he never came on set and he never told us what to do just told us only 1 thing, make a happy family film, which parents can watch kids can watch and everyone can watch it. Since that is what his audience stands for. He's like that and that is what I Want to make something we decided and he's been very supportive and very kind to us and always there for us. Like whenever we need him he would come to us help us out and I would say I've got the best producer.             

Since it was your debut film were you nervous while working for the film and along with Salman Sir?

First-day jitters were there, then he called me up and he told me "act like you are already successful. Don't come out of van thing this is the first time how will I do it, come out of the van thinking, you've already done 5 films you are blockbuster people you are doing your work people are loving you" that perception is gonna give you confidence which you need for this character. You know that really worked for me as we walked on sets at Baroda and that time people were coming in what are they looking there is a shoot suddenly he calls out like Aayush I was like Ok they certainly know what is going on over here. And that was something that gave me the confidence to perform. So my first-day gritters went out (Snapping his fingers) like this.

According to you What is your reason in changing the title from Loveratri to Loveyatri?

The film's title... We indented to make the film's title to make it sweet, as the film would be launching three careers; My, Warina Hussain and Abhiraj Minawala's. It's a film that makes you celebrate love. It's the most beautiful emotion of life that is love. You can love your mother, you can love your kid, you can love your family but love is something that we need to celebrate, especially in a times like this so we made a simple sweet film and that point we got some concerns some people had genuine concerns that they said that the film, they are getting offended they don't think this should be the title so we should. So if this is the case it's deiced we shouldn't.

This is my first box office innings I really don't want to offend anybody I really don't want to ruffle any feathers and go out there and release the film now I don't really want to fight it out because if you really want to fight it out and protest and its unnecessary you know. It's our first film, I don't want anybody to get deterred and say you know what let's not do this let's not put tension on this. This is not, people think it adds publicity to the film its not about the publicity its about not allowing anybody else to take the publicity its simple you know, before it becomes a big thing before that time we thought it was an apt title to call the film Loveratri, now we think it is an apt title to call the film Loveyatri because I travel in this film for the girl so Loveratri is also working for us we put a tagline so everybody understands that this film is all about love this film is all about feeling its all about celebration of love there is no celebration of egos.

Were there any life experiences that you learned while working for the film?

Every day when you walk on the sets you learn something else new experiences in life coming all the way from the first day of the shoot and today I'm sitting with you I'm having an experience sitting with you also. with this film, one thing I learned from this character is he is very optimistic in this film he always sees the bright side if the light and that is something that I've been incorporating in my real life that I'm looking on the positive side of things, never seen the negative side. I'm not getting worked up for the things which are not in my control but always be happy about the things which are in my control.

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