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The epic 'DRUNKEN romance' to happen AGAIN between Shivaay-Anika; Omkara-Gauri to ROMANCE too

The redux is finally hitting the right notes..


The ring drama that was showcased in the latest episode of Star Plus' Ishqbaaaz was so much that it is still ringing in my ears. And how much more ironic can it get that the redux track in the show is all about asking you a question, 'Does that RING a bell?' (see what I did there!)

Never mind. The quintessential drama in the show is all set to enter a new phase altogether as we have a bundle of spoiler tracks to get you guys hooked on to ahead! It is only about time, where we wait Tia (Navina Bole) to unleash her venomous side as we know the kind of troublemaker she has been for Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) and Anika (Surbhi Chandna). So that is now all set to happen soon, as Tia will be seen getting irked with the increasing proximity between the couple and with an instance where the couple (Shivaay-Anika) getting locked in a room, her irritation will only increase.

Tia's evil mind will then put at work, where she will start planning on creating problems between the couple, as she usually does.

Then coming on to something the fans would be DELIGHTED to read. In the past, one of the most loved tracks of the show was when Surbhi Jyoti played a cameo, and Shivaay and Anika get drunk thus confessing their love and romance for each other 'unknowingly.' So get all set and ready, as that will be happening once again in the show!

Yes! As seen already how Rudra (Leenesh Mattoo) has prepared a 'punch' that will lead to Shivaay being candid about his feelings, but Daksh goes on to drink it. However, Shivaay and Anika will indeed also be treated with that 'punch', and will get drunk.

This drunken state will lead to the couple being their playful, joyous, romantic and happy selves spending some quality romantic time with each other just like old times. Ironically, this will also be the time, where the duo will make a 'pinky promise' of never leaving each other! Let's see how that turns out to be.

And finally, where everything is about Shivaay and Anika, Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh) and Gauri (Shrenu Parikh) will also have some much-needed and much-loved romance between themselves. The redux hasn't spared anyone, where Omkara and Gauri are also going through their journey all over again. So, it will soon be seen how Gauri will once again enter the Oberoi mansion.

And this time, it will be love at first sight sort-of moment for the couple, where their first meeting will turn out to be better with rains leading to some rain romance between the couple and their loved track 'saathiya' playing in the background.

Phew! That surely is a lot of drama to keep you guys hooked on to, isn't it! 


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CoffeeCake 2 years ago @shell_22

You shouldn't be talking about brain, idiot. Shivika fandumb and brain are like opposite of each other. Your f**ked up face Nokool mehta can't act to save his life and that anika looks like granny of dadi. Oh yes 1+ something blockbuster TRP. That lunatic redux where two loonies farting same oh jaana look like dadi pota. Your couple has been rejected. Now go and make one more id shelly_420.2018-07-18 11:05:08
shelly_22 2 years ago @WhiteMagic I think u chose the wrong person in ur msg. There was never a story for Rikara actually. Thank God there wasn't warna ppl wudnt hv even watched the show. It's only Shivika which makes the show n screens looks worth watching n some OmRu fun n family drama else rest couples r too dull to even look at Haaa! Babes u must get a brain check LOL!2018-07-18 02:54:24
CoffeeCake 2 years ago Is there anything left for shivaay and Anika? There was never any story in this show, it was always about infite marriages of shivaay, he has been engaged 1347800643789000000 + times with different woman and 98652189000875330000+ times married with same Anika. On top of that NoKool can't act, his frozen face sucks, to make that Nokool look better they have made all talented actors stand like a statue.

This show doesn't have even TRP and that redux is a flop. I will never understand reason behind keeping yeh hain nafratein and shitbaaz when they are not giving even decent TRP and Namkaraan was kicked out when it was doing much better than these flops.
.Biggi. 2 years ago I liked the first meeting today!
Shrenu Parikh and Kunal Jaisingh are amazing actors. Their chemistry is magical as RiKara!
Waiting for the second meeting! :)2018-07-17 14:19:14
greyanastasia 2 years ago Surbhi jyoti is doing great now , watching naagin3 just because of her, what's the online trp of this week??
Samsangeetha 2 years ago Afraid to expect anything for Shrenu Parikh in this redux. But the love we have for her exceeds all our disappointments. Waiting for the first meet of RiKara.
SRKisLove 2 years ago Commenting for Shrenu Parikh. Wish her all success.
krithi1990 2 years ago Truth is always a delusion .One man's faith is an another man's delusion. I like " EXTRA'ordinary couples" more than the boring couple . Shrenu Parikh , I know ,you have not been shot your scenes at a gun point as somebody said in somewhere ,at the same time you have never begged the creatives to add you in this so called Redux too.
"Though the Coronilla grandiflora brings forth by thousands, its fruits remain ungathered "
You will be cast for a good character by the good makers in future. Enjoy with this show friends till that time comes.
rumki34 2 years ago love you Nakuul Mehta and Surbhi Chandna ...
Krilovad 2 years ago love u Kunal jaisingh So happy Finally Omkara and gauri track start but we know only 1 or 2 sec scene. Gul n Harneet mam open her eye and Rikara track start,amazing as RiKara Waiting for the 1st meeting love u.Still not watch Ishqbaaaz when omkara an Rikara story start then watch.2018-07-17 00:16:22
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