The character I'm playing is close to reality: Emraan Hashmi

Actor Emraan Hashmi, talks about his soon-to-be released 'Cheat India', the role he has played until now and much more...

Actor Emraan Hashmi, who is playing the lead role in the forthcoming film "Cheat India", says that the formal education system of India is not good enough for the growth of young minds and believes that such education cannot be a prerequisite for success.

Asked what's his opinion on the relevance of formal education, Emraan told IANS here: "I know some of the stupidest people on earth who had great formal education. I also come across some of the smart and brightest individuals who had no great formal education and degrees. Formal education is not a norm that gets you success in life."

"I think in the present time, the formal education that we are practicing in the mainstream, is a waste of time. Just because in a building, a group of people promoting some kind of source for learning, does not mean our students are learning a great thing.

"Our education system is still practicing something that can only deliver average homegrown clerk that used to happen in the British era. That is not how we can develop young mindsno sorry!" added the "Murder" actor.

He believes that in the age of the Internet, universities have moved into online education.

Emraan said: "Without taking the name of any board, I just want to say, the system of our basic education is pretty useless. All we are practicing is how to mug up the textbook and write it on the exam paper to get marks and grades. Is that the right way to educate mind?"

Emraan, who started his career in 2005, used to be known more for doing on-screen kissing scenes in Bollywood films. He gradually made space for himself in Bollywood with films like "Gangster", "Aksar", "Kalyug", "Jannat", "The Dirty Picture" and "Azhar".

Is he finally getting his due as an actor?

"Well, earlier I had done films where I was satisfied with the process, the experience of making of the film, but the character I am playing in 'Cheat India' is quite close to my sensibility as an individual," Emraan said.

"The character is not over the top. It's close to reality and at the same time, engaging. It is bringing an issue to the forefront through the film," he said.

The film addresses the issue of existing corruption in the field of education. He felt that the film could be a conversation starter on the matter.

Was that the sole reason for taking it up?

The actor said: "I would say that is a by-product of a good story. Primarily, when I am listening to a script, it is about how I am reacting to the story as an audience member. If I am becoming part of a narrative, it has to appeal to me first. 'Cheat India' was apt for that."

The story of the film revolves around cheating during examinations, especially in government colleges and in competitive tests where people use power and money to get degrees.

Sharing his personal experience, Emraan said: "I have seen how exam papers are leaked during exams. Some of my friends' friends bought question papers in advance and later they failed in the exam because they got the wrong set of questions. I have seen how students paid money to invigilators to fill the answer papersI never got involved in such activities, but I have seen them happen."

Directed by Soumik Sen, "Cheat India" is releasing on January 25 next year.

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