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THAT kiss to story of magarmach & bichu: 5 iconic scenes from 'Darlings' that were totally epic

As ‘Darlings’ completes one glorious year of release, let us recall the iconic scenes from the movie that once watched, will never be forgotten!

Published: Saturday,Aug 05, 2023 15:45 PM GMT-06:00
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Darlings scenes

Shefali Shah, known for her outstanding performances and versatile roles, is one of the most talented people in the industry currently. From the wide range of scripts she chooses, to delivering astonishing performances, this lady knows it all!  

As her movie, ‘Darlings’ completes one glorious year of release, let us recall the iconic scenes from the movie that once watched, will never be forgotten! 

1. A mother is after all, a mother and mother’s always know the best

The movie revolves around domestic abuse with a silver lining of ‘love’. Shefali Shah, who played the character of Shamshun in the movie,  sees her daughter Badrunissa( Alia Bhatt ) being a victim of domestic abuse and narrates a very interesting story of a Magarmacch (crocodile) and Bichu ( scorpio ) that speaks of how one should not trust the sweet words and believe in their gut instead.  As a mother, she knows what is the correct thing for her daughter to do, and encourages her to take that leap of faith and stand up against the abuse Badrunissa was facing. 

2. The whistle worthy kiss!

One of the scenes, that left the audience with a jaw drop was the scene where Shamshun aka Shefali Shah kissed Zulfi ( Roshan Mathew). It took the audience by surprise when they were least expecting it!

3. ”Okay, sau“(100)

One of the most cackling scenes from the movie, is when Shefali bargains for a mixer and how! When asked for the price, Zulfi mentions ₹400, but her A1 game of bargaining ends up in her buying it for a price of ₹50! The quarrel is simply worth it! 

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4. Perfect example of a strong and independent woman!

Throughout the movie, Shefali Shah sets an example of being a strong headed and independent woman, perfectly. She tells her daughter who’s a victim of domestic abuse to leave her husband and return back home immediately. This just goes on to speak on how she’s a liberal and progressive woman that believes in standing up against what’s wrong.

5. Revenge is the best revenge

Towards the end of the movie, Shefali Shah helps take control of the situation, and organises a deadly plan to take revenge from Hamza ( Vijay Varma ) for all that her daughter has suffered because of him. She helps her daughter, take the leap of faith, and take the revenge Badrunissa deserved! 

All in all, Darlings was a wonderful movie, with phenomenal performances but Shefali Shah was definitely the eye catcher! She kept the audience captivated with her comic and dramatic scenes. Meanwhile, the audience is eagerly waiting on seeing her back on screen, owning it like she always does!

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