Teri Meri Doriyaann: Rumi kindaps Sahiba again, Angad to be charged for Sahiba's murder

The upcoming episodes of Star Plus' show Teri Meri Doriyaann are all set to experience major high voltage drama.

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Harsh Rajput and Vijayendra Kumeria

The creators of Star Plus' show "Teri Meri Doriyann" are pulling out all the stops to keep their viewers thoroughly engaged. The recent entry of Harsh Rajput has brought an exciting twist to the plot. Rumi, the obsessive lover, has been persistently attempting to win Sahiba's affection, even though she is married to Angad. Despite Angad's previous confrontation with Rumi, warning him to stay away from Sahiba, the relentless admirer has returned to create more turmoil.

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In the current storyline, Manbeer has announced Seerat and Angad's impending wedding, a development that has deeply upset Sahiba. She decides to leave the Brar mansion in response to this news. Angad makes sincere efforts to locate her, but an unexpected turn of events takes place. 

In the upcoming track of the show we will see Rumi, cleverly disguised as a clown at the party, follows Sahiba and kidnaps her once again. To intensify the situation, he commits a gruesome act by murdering an innocent girl in Sahiba's hostel room and disfiguring her face beyond recognition. He then dresses the victim in Sahiba's attire, aiming to deceive anyone who discovers the body into believing it's Sahiba herself.

Angad eventually reaches Sahiba's hostel and believes he sees her sitting with her head lowered. He begins to express his feelings about the situation, only to discover blood dripping from the girl's hands. As the police arrive at the scene, Angad finds himself arrested on charges of murdering Sahiba. Meanwhile, Rumi, the abductor, demands that Sahiba cease mentioning Angad's name.

The suspense deepens as we wonder whether Angad will succeed in locating Sahiba once again.

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no i think this time he will never find her to save her anymore i wish angad had handed romi over to the police but he was so stupid to let him go he should have realised that a crazy man like romi will never leave without sahiba in past serial and episiodes angad always go there in time but now this will not happen anymore so romi will rape sahiba she will have a child for him and in the mean time angad will marry seerat because he realy believes sahiba is dead and then all of a sudden just like in sai virat story she will pop up with a child but it will be romi child not angad so it is most likely it will end the same way when he final finds sahiba with her child he will not love the child and it is most likely to end in the same way sahiba and angad ending dead and seerat as his widower this story has turned into a horror story audience will not like it anymore

6 months ago

Guest Thumbnail



Total nonsense. Stop showing all this in the name of family show.

6 months ago

Shut this awful show!

6 months ago

So this means no marriage for the Gold Digger Sister. LMAO

6 months ago

What in world 🌎 crazy

6 months ago

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