Teri Meri Doriyaann: Mannat's revelation about Sahiba visiting her at Yash's place surprises Angad

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Teri Meri Doriyaann Mannat reveals that Sahiba came to meet her at Yash's place, shocking Angad.

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Teri Meri Doriyaann

In tonight's "Teri Meri Doriyaann episode," Angad (Vijayendra Kumeria) reveals that Veer doesn't want to talk to anyone. Manbeer asks about Angad's earlier mention of solving the problem calmly and mentions how his father-in-law insulted Veer. She believes Veer might lose self-confidence because of Ajeet's taunts and insults. Angad defends himself, saying he corrected Ajeet when he went wrong. Manbeer asks if Angad is turning into Monga, to which Seerat accuses Angad of not seeing his wife Sahiba's (Himanshi Parashar) fault. She continues that Sahiba would have known everything beforehand as she is closer to Keerat and Veer, but she still didn't reveal this. Angad supports Sahiba, asserting he has already asked her, and she declines to have any knowledge. Thus, he trusts her.

Angad says he doesn't want to discuss this as something else is more important. He asks everyone to stop talking about this topic. Upon being asked, Angad reveals the diamond is fake, shocking everyone. Angad informs them about the fraud claim, and an investigation is ongoing.

A mysterious man reveals to him about Angad getting trapped in selling a fake diamond, and an anti-fraud investigation has been started on him and his entire business. Brar's reputation has been tarnished. Manbeer asks why he didn't reveal this earlier, to which he mentions how he can't disclose this in front of his in-laws. Manbeer argues, and Akaal suggests they understand Angad as his problem is significant. Angad asks everyone not to talk about this outside and leave him alone.

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Meanwhile, the mysterious man approaches a room where Angad and Sahiba's photo is displayed and aims a pin at Angad's photo. Sahiba sends a video of a Baba asking Angad to make a phone call to solve his problem. Angad says he doesn't trust such babas and only trusts God. Sahiba says to trust his God and take a rest. Mannat outside Brar Mansion yells Sunny's name, prompting family members to come outside the house. The watchman tries to stop her, but she removes a small knife, threatening them to back off.

Angad comes there, and Mannat approaches him, but Sahiba stops her, asking to throw away the knife. Mannat asks if Sahiba is stupid, as Mannat will never hurt her Sunny. Mannat says the knife was given by Sunny, and today, this gift is taking her towards him. She says she doesn't want to hurt anyone and expresses her love for Sunny. Sahiba asks Mannat to come out of her dream and accept that it is her Angad, not Sunny.

But Mannat stands firm, saying Angad is her Sunny and not Angad. She further warns Sahiba not to come between them. Angad asks Sahiba to let him handle the situation. He takes away the knife, and Mannat reveals the dress she is wearing is the same dress she wore when he proposed to her. She recalls Sunny's previous promises and insists he wears the jacket he wore on that day.


Angad gets frustrated and berates her. Mannat asks how he can be of Sahiba as he promised her earlier not to leave her. Angad holds Sahiba's hand and declares Sahiba is his wife and that he has married her. He asks if she is asking him to leave Sahiba, for whom he can leave the whole world. Mannat says she will forgive him but can't live without him and hugs him. Sahiba pushes Mannat, asking her to stay away from her husband.

Meanwhile, Yash, along with Mannat's brother, comes there. Parth and Yash apologize for Mannat's behaviour. Sahiba comments on Mannat's abnormal behaviour, to which Mannat says Sahiba wants to prove this, and thus she came that day to make her believe false stories of Sunny and wanted to prove her wrong. Mannat reveals that Sahiba came to meet her at Yash's place, shocking Angad. Sahiba tries to explain, but Angad says he has asked her to stay away from this problem, and despite that, she went to meet her. Sahiba tries to explain, but Angad says she has sworn not to listen to him.


Mannat grins, and Seerat says Angad is correct, as Sahiba never listens to him and does what she wants. Sahiba says she went to meet Mannat for Angad. Mannat says everyone is trying to distance them, and she insists they return to London together. Angad sways away her hand.

Precap: Mannat informs Sahiba about a meeting with Sunny Sood, leading Sahiba to discover his striking resemblance to Angad and leaving her shocked.

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